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How Makeup Affects Society

Many young women and even men have insecurities that make them feel like they should wear makeup to feel more confident within themselves. Most people are familiar with makeup and its abilities to alter one’s appearance and mask blemishes or insecurities. However, with makeup’s growth in popularity, the role it plays in society has shifted….



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How to Apply Makeup

Makeup is a form or art that takes a lot of practice. Being able to “master” this process can sometimes take years, depending how much effort you put into this. Learning how to apply makeup can be frustrating because there is so much to learn. Before being able to actually apply the make up, the…


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History of Makeup

Makeup has its powerful impact on teenagers and adult women in our generation. Like those days when your feeling confident and are not embarrassed about anything or you are that type of person that can’t go a day without it you and just feel naked. That’s when you see that person’s confidence went away in…


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Chemistry Behind Makeup

Looking your best may be as much a science as it is an art, especially when is comes to makeup. You will surprised to know what you are putting on your face! There are a lot of stores that sell makeup products. If you go to the aisle of makeup you will see; lipstick, nail…



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Toxic Makeup Cosmetology

The society people live in believe that beauty is based on the makeup people wear, the clothes they wear, and the way people do their hair to be happy and for people to like them but are people willing to sacrifice their health just for others to think they are ‘beautiful’. People don’t realize what…


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Issue of Teenage Makeup

In today’s generation, most teenagers seem to have a picture to keep; but for many others, this public image involves every day trying to cover up their faces in cosmetics. Adolescents might have a concept of the power and influence of such makeup on their skin, however, they might not completely understand its damaging association…



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Makeup with My Mom

When I was younger, I never would have thought that makeup would be a part of my life. If only the younger me could see me now, she’d probably ask me, “what in the world are you thinking?” Personally, as a child, I enjoyed playing sports and having fun outside. My mom encouraged me to…


My Mother

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My Experience with Makeup

Finger painting was always my favorite activity in kindergarten. I had a small amount of time for peace and creativity compared to the noisy setting I was always in. It was very therapeutic as I would carefully choose the right color out of many choices. I would concentrate on the image and be precise on…


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Why Makeup Is Recession Proof

No matter the national and global economic state of commercial retail, one industry continues to persist on ecommerce websites around the world. Makeup is something that is utilized by so many men and women around the world that it never seems to shake or halt to any sort of economic crisis or concerns that may…


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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Makeup against Natural Beauty

There are two types of beauty in the world: natural, and cosmetic beauty. Natural beauty is being exuberant in the skin that an individual is born with. When individuals can love themselves for who they are, regardless of the many flaws allows the feeling of comfortability in one’s skin. However, there does come a time…


Plastic Surgery

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