Gun Violence Affects Youth

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Gun Violence affects youth in Chicago in many ways that people who are not from here maybe can relate to. In 2016 gun violence hit home when my close cousin was gunned down on Chicago’s West Side. It affected me because I was hurt and confused It came to a point where I was scared to even come out my room. I was so scared because I would wake up to check the news and see young girls and boys gunned down or even shot in the comfort of their own homes. Gun violence hurts families of victims who have been shot or who have died from a gun wound because we can’t even imagine the pain our loved ones went through.

I believe Gun Violence begins when the Trauma: You wouldn’t even believe some of the things people go through or went through as a child or even went through period because nowadays people are scared to share their past to anyone. Some of the cases things happen in the younger years of a person’s life such as domestic violence, sexual assault. Maybe it’s not as crucial as that It can be things like being in a single parent home can impact you, living in poverty can impact you etc.

Statistics: So far in Chicago 500 people have been killed so far as of November 2018, That is 128 fewer than 2017. The murder rate is 4 times higher than New York City and more than 2.5 times higher than Los Angeles. The sad part about the situation is Chicago’s Population is 3 times smaller than NYC and nearly as twice as small as Los Angeles’s population.

Opportunities: In Chicago’s black communities there aren’t many opportunities for young black kids to advance in their crafts or to even gain experience to learn a craft. I don’t believe there are enough chances for the youth in Chicago Violence is everywhere in the world. In every country, city, town and village there is some form of violence. In my lifetime, there have been countless deaths and injuries due to gun violence. We happen to live in a country where gun violence is among the most prevalent in the world. Today gun violence has become a controversial issue in America.

The issue for gun control has been debated for a long time, probably ever since they were invented. It is small, yet an extremely dangerous factor in our lives. While many believe that the second Amendment, “the right to keep and bear arms” provides security and self protection, I believe that gun ownership leads to deaths, violent crimes, suicide and homicide outside or inside homes Gun violence have made it easier for them to kill, injure or hurt helpless citizens who abide by laws of our state.

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