Gun Control in United States

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Gun Control can be an important topic in the United States and even around the world. Gun control is the regulations and laws behind owning a gun. The laws that are involved with gun control can help with regulations of buying a gun. New laws are being made every day because of mass shootings or gun violence .

The government is in control of Gun Control laws and regulations about buying or owning guns. Owning a gun is protected under the Second Amendment right that you’re able to bear arms. This should require people to have training with guns and the proper licensing from told by the government standards. You shouldn’t own a gun without the knowledge of the device.

Gun Control laws can help defend against people who shouldn’t have them. There should be gun control laws implemented in most places anyways. Since it can reduce the accessibility factor for most people to reduce the rates of crime in this world. Since guns are so accessibility, it’s one of the factors that makes this world have a lot of crime.

Gun ownership is an important factor since people have like to own guns. When gun controls laws are set in place by the government, new or existing gun owners will have to adapt with the new laws. People have the right to defend themselves with their own guns.

Each state and country has their own laws about gun control. This can be the fact that most states don’t require special permits or licenses in order to buy a gun. Since most of these factors should be more learned about. This will go on with more about gun control laws within my own view and other people’s view.

Current Laws in United States

Open Carry can allow you to carry a gun in public . Concealed Carry is being able to carry a concealed weapon on yourself in public. Concealed firearms can be carried in a holster or a special concealment device for hiding it.

Walmart recently asked their customers not to open carry guns into their stores. Walmart Corporation issued their request about a month after a gunman opened fire in one of its Texas locations and killed over 20 people. “The Walmart chain said from the following shooting incidents, it’s better to have an open carry policy to defend its customers and associates”.(Hansen, 2019)

“We, the Walmart Corporation, are respectfully requesting that customers no longer openly carry firearms into our stores or Sam’s Clubs in states where “open carry” is permitted – unless they are authorized law enforcement officers. (McMillon, 2019)

Just weeks following Walmart Corporations big announcement Kroger, Walgreens, CVS, Chipotle, Target and Starbucks issued similar announcements restricting firearms.

US citizens that are proponents of concealed carry cite the 2nd Amendment’s “right of the people to keep and bear arms,” and say that criminals are most often less likely to attack someone who is armed and say that most people who legally carry a concealed gun are law-abiding citizens and do not misuse their guns.

US citizens that don’t agree with the idea of concealed carry, that it leads to more gun crime and unintended gun injuries. Most people will argue that concealed handguns increase the danger of people using against others , and the US would be safer with fewer number of concealed guns.

US citizens that are proponents of open carry say that the most important fact about openly carrying a gun is how easily it can be accessed in an emergency situation. Proponents say they have a better chance at deterring criminals or robbers because the odds of that person succeeding drops significantly with the open carry person being there.

US citizens that are opponents of open carry say that with a gun in site, it increases the chance of someone stealing it from you to cause harm. Having the gun in the open, could be a cause of alarm for people around you. Not all people are used to being around people having a gun on then so it could prompt people to take action against you when it is not needed.

Current Laws in Canada

The gun control laws can be stricter in Canada. Canada’s government sets gun restrictions within their country can be similar to the US. Also similar to the US, a large majority of these gun restrictions have been driven by gun violence and mass shootings.

The Montreal engineering school shooting incident of 1989, in which a student with a semiautomatic rifle killed 14 students and injured dozens more, is credited for having pressured law makers to implement major gun reforms.(Cowan 2019) Reforms such as mandatory safety training classes, make consumers have a twenty-eight-day waiting period for gun purchase, stricter background checks, restriction of sales on large capacity magazines and restrictions on military- style ammunition and firearms. (Squadrin 2018) This wasn’t the only incident that was involved with Canada, Toronto. There’s been more incidents in homicides and shootings that have been involved with guns.

The Mayor has this to say about the guns being in the city. “There are too many people carrying guns around in this city. There are people who shouldn’t have them at all. Why do people need to have a gun at all.” ( Krishnan 2019)

All the gun violence and mass shootings that has happened in Canada started up the debate about gun laws. This information was brought to the lawmakers multiple times and the conflict was resolved with a handgun ban and prohibiting certain guns in most cities. Most of the people complained about the people using the guns have improper knowledge about the guns.

The Canadians believed that having the small handgun is a dangerous threat to be able to bring into public. The Canadian government doesn’t believe having a gun for self defense is a good idea. Even carrying a gun in Canada without licensing or having good reasoning, will be legally penalized or prosecuted. To even own a gun will require licensing, safety course training, and a background check. Canada has classified the guns into non-restricted, restricted, and prohibited sections. Any of the guns you buy requires licensing to buy guns or ammo. There can is registration involved with restricted and prohibited guns. Getting a gun requires an background check by the Canadian government.( Matthews 2014)

Similarities and Differences between United States

There’s a lot of differences between the US and Canada in terms of gun control. Second Amendment protects the right for people to be able to bear arms for US Citizens. Canada Citizens aren’t allowed to buy guns unless they go through background checks and only required for a job that it was necessary to have it.

The US background checks can be quick or not even required in some states. It’s required to have a background check when buying from licensed dealers. People can get around this factor buying from private sales. Each background check requirement varies from state to state for buying an gun. An similar fact is that both countries require background checks. (Matthews 2014)

The Canada has lists of guns that are restricted, non-restricted, and prohibited. The US has the same list of guns but they have different aspects of which guns should be in those sections.(Matthews 2014) Canada guns have to be registered under the police enforcement law. United States has the difference in registration isn’t required in most states. Certain states has their own rules on what kind of registration they require for guns.

Canada requires licensing to buy firearms or even ammunition. That requires Canada residents have to pass the series of tests to own a non-restricted gun. United States doesn’t require licensing in most states. Some states do require licenses and permits to purchase buy guns but most don’t have it. (Matthews 2014)

Canadian laws require safe gun storage, which means they need to be locked in a room or container that a person cannot break into. All guns must be unloaded when stored. For guns that are being transported, similar storage requirements apply. (Matthews 2014)The US does not have any gun storage laws.

Joe Biden’s View on Gun Control

Biden is one of the top runners in 2020 Democratic party and wants to start up an assault weapons buyback program. Biden supports background checks and would like to reinstate the ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, which was a part of the gun policy he helped create in 1994. In addition to buying guns back, and wants to ban high capacity magazines, he also calls to ban gun manufacturers to stop making gun attachments that turn pistols into deadly or illegal weapons. Biden supports the building of smart-gun technology, which gun manufacturers don’t agree with. (Francis 2019)

Biden has voted for strict gun control laws and regulations, banning of assault rifles, no high-capacity magazines, and extended background checks. Due to the fact of the multiple of mass shootings that has been going on, Obama has given the leadership to Biden for the Gun Violence Task Force. (Conciatori 2019)

When Joe Biden was senator, he wrote an legislation which included the ban on assault weapons that passed in 1994, that was seven years after he introduced to the government. The Brady Bill has an waiting period for purchasing of handguns and started the background check system, which was voted for by Biden in 1994 when it was established. The Firearms Owners Protection Act, which allowed people to sell guns over online and at gun shows, which Biden voted for in 1983. Joe Biden does really care about this subject since from all the gun violence. (Conciatori 2019)

Bernie Sander’s View on Gun Control

Bernie Sanders is one of the top runners for 2020 Democratic President. Bernie Sanders has a list of laws that should be set in place. Gun control should have regulations and legislations to certain states with the federal ban on assault weapons and instant background checks. This would help prevent firearms getting to the criminals and people who are mentally ill.

Bernie Sanders also believes that manufacturers shouldn’t be liable for other people misusing their products. It’s not the manufactures fault that people are using their guns for own personal gain for bad situations. There comes in the factor of people who have mental health issues in this world. Since Gun control laws isn’t going to help stop gun violence as a solution. There has to be an effort to help people that have mental issues to prevent suicides and mass shootings. (FeelTheBern 2019)

Gun Control is important topic that has to be addressed around the United States. Bernie believes that gun control is state bases by the actions of people between rural and urban communities. The government should have some kind of involvement with guns being regulated between the city and country. (FeelTheBern 2019)

The views on gun laws very on living in the rural versus urban communities. Bernie supports gun rights so people can feel safe and sure but also can’t be used against humans only in certain circumstances. Bernie Sanders also supported the nationwide ban on military style assault weapon and nationwide ban on high capacity magazine that is over ten rounds. He favored of the extended background checks for the prevention of future events. (FeelTheBern 2019)

He also believes certain gun accessories shouldn’t be allowed like the Bump Stock Bernie supported the ban of bump stocks since they are dangerous and was used in a mass shooting. Why would you convert a legal weapon into illegal one. ( FeelTheBern 2019)

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders on Gun Control: Similarities and Differences

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders can have different views on Gun Control. But they both have has some similarities to it as well. Well we can start off by they’re both top runners for 2020 President Candidates. They both have their own views on what kind of laws should be implemented into Gun Control or improvised.

Joe Biden supports an weapon buy back system to be implemented into United States. He also supports background checks, banning of assault weapons, and ban of high capacity magazines. Bernie Sanders also supports all of laws listed by Joe Biden but doesn’t accept the weapon buy back system.

Joe Biden wants to build a smart gun technology which is manufactures are against of it behind built. The smart gun technology would only let the owner be able to use the gun. It would help stop from other people able to use your gun against violence acts or self-harm. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both support strict gun control laws.

Bernie Sander’s supports that manufactures shouldn’t be liable for others using their guns for violence or self-harm. It’s more about the regulations, restrictions, and laws behind gun control should be more responsible for the acts. Since the government is in control of making the laws for using of the guns.

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders both support the fact that certain gun attachments aren’t allowed or even banned in the states. Most of them can be legal but when people use them against people, they’ll probably turned into illegal ones.

My Position on Gun Control

I do support Gun Control in United States and around the world. Since Gun Control is an important topic to learn about and be up to part with it. There’s a lot of restrictions, legislations, and laws behind Gun Control. Some of the things I support is Open and Concealed Carry.

Some of things I support with Open and Concealed carry is about the self defense factor. I do like the factor of being about to defense your self in certain situations that would call for a device for protection. Since there’s a lot of crime and bad things, It’s good to have a gun for safety. A lot of the laws involving Gun control can affect owning or purchasing a gun.

There’s a lot of laws, restrictions, and legislations that can affect Gun Control. But there can be good and bad factors about it. Gun Control can act as a defense mechanism for using of guns or protection of danger from criminals. Since guns are so easily accessible, there has to be restrictions on buying them. Since when buying guns, there should be in-depth background checks on the people who are going to buy them.

But people can still get around the factor of background checks since most states don’t require background checks when purchasing of a gun. Also, they can get guns from private sales or even people close to them. The fact of when buying a gun is also having proper training on how to use a gun. Since guns are dangerous, it requires training and the right licensing to be approved of using it.

Gun Control still needs improvements since people are using guns for the bad and breaking rules with them. The government has control of Gun Control since they make the laws for it. But most of the laws brought from past events and from what the higher people think that should be fit for the state or country.

Best Option of Gun Control

I think Gun control should have strict gun control laws and not so strict laws. Everyone has their own opinions on what kind of gun control laws should be out there. There’s always new laws being made every day and making improvements on the ones that are already out there.

Guns in general should require training before buying one. Since there is a lot of accidental deaths, people are not using guns correctly. That would require the right licensing for owning or purchasing a gun. The right licensing requires tests and training on guns under professional teachings.

Background checks should be required no matter what kind of situation there is. Since people are getting guns when they’re not suppose to have them. But most people can get around this in private sales. There should be restrictions and legislations on private sales. Since criminals can buy guns from private sales without require a background check.

Guns are made for hunting, government, or self-defense. But there should be gun restrictions and legislation on which guns are allowed in certain situations. Most guns have their own sections, but people can abuse that. People can use their guns for their own personal gain or against other people. The government doesn’t let that slide since they make the laws to defend them from happening,

Transporting guns should require storage containers and gun locks on the guns. Without the proper storage and safety mechanisms can be against you in other states. That would be required in most other states or countries but it’s also a get safety factor. Also people can’t use your gun against you in any way. But if you ever had to you use your gun in an emergency situation, it would require unlocking your gun storage container and taking off the lock.


Gun Control is important topic that most Americans should take seriously and most of the abuse the laws with their guns. Since guns are dangerous tools to kill people or even just used for hunting, strict gun control laws should be set in place. There should always be improvements on guns laws, restrictions, and regulations improving life with guns.

Gun should always require training and licensing for owning certain guns. Most guns are allowed but some are banned from certain states. Each state has their own laws on guns being allowed in their province. If caught with illegal guns will lead to your gun being taken away and going to jail for it. The illegal guns should be looked for through transportations methods or any illegal ways that people could transport them.

Guns has always been apart of the United States for used as hunting or protection. Since guns can be used for hunting for food, its important to have guns for that factor. A lot of people like to hunt for food and even a stress relief hobby.

Gun control has been necessary, due to the fact of guns being involved with crimes and drugs. The law enforcement is mainly in control of taking care of those situations, but some people can take care of by themselves. If taken care by yourself would probably be looked at as a crime, but some situations would call as self-defense.

People do believe that gun control can be unfair to the people who follow the rules with their guns. The people who follow the rules with their guns shouldn’t have their guns taken away because of other people using them for bad. Guns have to be regulated with laws since people use them for crimes and suicides. Gun control legislation and laws should be approved to decrease crimes and deaths in the United States.


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Are guns legal in every U.S. state?
No, gun laws vary by state and some states have stricter regulations than others. It is important to research and understand the laws in your state before purchasing or carrying a firearm.
Who has the power of gun control?
The President has the power to sign executive orders which can enact gun control. The Supreme Court has the power to overturn any laws that are deemed unconstitutional.
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