Future of VR and AR

Updated December 28, 2021

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Future of VR and AR essay

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Imagining the future of AR and VR 20 years down the line, it’s easy to see how IOT, AI and other emerging technologies will play an influential role. As of today AR and VR are camera dependant, sensors keep our devices aware and interactive, making it easy for the device to convert environments into movable data, displays whether its from a screen or a wearable, they actually help the humans to bridge between real and virtual world and many other supporting technologies which help us right now to experience AR through a single device.

The emerging technologies such as IOT, AI and reliable connections. AI is already popular within the auditory advancements and through the advancements its showing these days, it could empower AR to be a better product for people. IOT is dependant on camera, sensors and connection, which is the same technology used by AR today, but as we know AR only gathers data from single device at present, with IOT(smart devices), AR will be able to gather data from multiple devices and help built much more immersive AR experience. All these things are possible with better connectivity like 5G connection.

The zenith of AR and VR can actually lead to a scalable parallel universe created by mankind to survive forever in the virtual world even though they part ways in the real world.(digital immortality). AR and VR can be perceived as Time traveller as for example today we can see google maps, updated from 2007-2018, taking us back in time to experience the world in that particular year. Today tourism is advancing and while some people keep it normal, some specific places are using it to showcase their city in the olden times. Imagine travelling in Rome before it was destroyed and just had a few ruins of a few monuments. AR,VR might not only help us to go back in time but also see future based on our decision in life.

Previously I mentioned about somatosensory which means the sensation that occurs anywhere inside the body, keeping this in mind AR can actually build a real time clone of any person to understand the medical history, present and the future of that particular person. each and every organ, neuron , cell everything can be visible to the human and can help the reason behind any medical conditions.

In the near future AR/VR might get rid of the glasses(wearables) knowing that contact lenses are a part of the future which will break free the obligation of having closed wearable (for VR) or glasses (for AR) to modify the environment around any person.

Today as we see at AR, VR the virtual world lacks the natural feel of the environment, field of view through the wearables is not wide enough, the display of resolution is very low, low brightness, a short battery life , lack of 3D sensing capabilities. even though these are the drawbacks right now, AR VR is still in the process of emerging and thus cannot give us an immersive experience, but as time goes by AR and VR will be able to create a personalised well designed experience for humans.

Humans use AR,VR in various fields across the world to mention a few like, marketing, retailers, designers, medical, education, etc. Today we see AR, VR take over the conventional ways to advertise, use smart devices and even communicate with each other. There will be a time when AR and VR just like our smartphones will be a part of our lives and will change the way of life in the world.

Future of VR and AR essay

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