Benefits and Harms of Internet of Things

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Internet of Things (IoT) is a concept that connects internet with objects. The IoT will connect many of the devices we have in our homes. We can control things through devices that access the internet. This concept will make our life easier than the past. For example, you don’t have to arrive home and turn on your air conditioner. You are able to turn air conditioner on while you’re working.

Every year, IoT technologies rise and fall, sometimes making an impact on our daily lives. There is many IoT technologies. Such as, Driverless cars which are one of the most futuristic applications of IoT and Smart homes which designed to provide you optimum security and convenience.

Internet of Things need to work with sensors, embedded processors, communication hardware and internet connection to collect, send, receive and act on data. The IoT have many benefits. Meanwhile, it also has risk. For instance, if the security system of devices is not good enough. It will be easy to get hack.

Although, sometimes people can do some activity without using technology, but this thing will help them to have a better life. The IoT helps people live and work smarter as well as gain complete control over their lives.

In 21st century, IoT has become one of the most important technologies. Internet of Things (IoT) is about extending the power of the internet beyond computer and smartphones to a whole range of other things. The important things that makes its work well is internet connection. By the way, these technologies cause an unemployment. For example, Taxi drivers are replaced by driverless cars. In the same time, some people get benefit from this.

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What are the benefits of the Internet of things?
The benefits of the Internet of things include increased efficiency, improved safety and security, and the ability to collect and analyze vast amounts of data for better decision-making. It also allows for remote monitoring and control of devices, leading to greater convenience and cost savings.
What is the advantages and disadvantages of Internet of things?
The advantages of internet of things are that it can connect devices to the internet and make them interact with each other. The disadvantages are that it can be hacked and it can be difficult to manage all the devices.
What is the disadvantages of Internet of Things IoT )?
Integrating encryption and security protocols with IoT devices can be difficult with a large fleet of devices . The cost in time, effort and money to do it on all devices might be prohibitive, so some businesses might use inadequate platforms because they're cheap or forego it altogether.
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