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Tourism Industry Problems

Drawing on practical examples, identify three moral dilemmas in the tourism, hospitality and/or events sectors and critically review the underpinning ethical theory of each, thereby also discussing any limitations of their application in practice Introduction The tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, with the number of international arrivals starting…



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Technology in Tourism and Hotel Industries

Introduction Tourism is the activity where people choose a destination to travel for different purpose. It can be for leisure, education, and business or for any reason where there is a movement of people from one place to another. In the present world, the tourism industry is one of the biggest service industries. It is…




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Negative Effect of Tourism

Tourism is defined at traveling for recreational or pleasure purposes whether it be for family vacation, spring break, or a weekend trip with the guys. Tourism can have many positive effects on the country. For example, in some of the poorer parts of the world, tourism has helped better their economy and creates jobs for…



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Youth Tourism as a Scientific Research Object 

The article focuses on the importance of youth tourism. The main proposition is that youth tourism is set to become the most important in the sector and about to change the direction of the tourism industry. The ability of the youth to be diverse in terms of ideas and innovations position them at the right…



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Croatia Tourism

Comparison with European Countries In the ranking of the contribution of travel and tourism to GDP, the first place are the Maldives with 79,4% and the countries in the first ten places mostly consist of tropical islands and countries. Croatia is ranked as 21st with the contribution of 24,7% behind Malta, which has 26,7%. Other…

European Union,


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Memorable Experience in Nepalese Tourism

Discussion The terms experience and memorable experience is gaining attention in Nepalese tourism and hospitality business alike other successful destination. The concept is very new to Nepalese tourism as it is a newer phenomenon in tourism business. Nepalese hospitality rehearses needs further exploration, in terms of essence, methodology, classifications, managerial issues and behavioral aspects to…



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Advantages and Disadvantages of Tourism

Tourism, as compared to other forms of globalization, is unique in many ways. According to the article by Sharon, tourism globally employees over one hundred million people and will generate by the year 2020, $200 billion. This figure is primarily due to the number of tourists who travel to other countries every year as well…



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Role of Internet in Tourism

Since 1995, tourism and hospitality businesses have actively adopted the internet as a new distribution channel as well as marketing medium. The adoption of the internet provided the basis for the development of new systems linking consumers. Thus, the advent of e-travel agencies like Expedia, PerviewTravel, Priceline and TravelBids began to provide direct access to…



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The Benefits Of Traveling

As I was researching the topic of traveling, I discovered that most individuals experience changes to themselves all from just going out and exploring. Traveling can be experienced when an individual or more goes somewhere on some sort of transportation. Traveling is to explore and venture off into the world, going out of the comfort…

Peace Corps,



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Korean Drama and Its Effect on Tourism

The following essay will be investigating if there is a link between the promotion of Korea in the television shows, widely known as Korean drama (Kdrama). I will use the popular drama series “Goblin: The Lonely and Great God”, as its popularity has led to tours being created of the onscreen locations. For example, Jayu…


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