Relationship between Worldview and Education

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The indigenous knowledge systems are types of abilities and a set of beliefs that people create for their survival and pass it on to the next generation. Not all the beliefs created are true or myth but people create them to overcome their problems and to fit in the community. The indigenous knowledge system can affect the worldview, education and the developments of life. For example, the Religion knowledge systems is the trust and hope that people depend on and believe that it works for them. It guides understanding, different assets of using our mind and making decisions.

‘A worldview is a framework of beliefs through which we view the world and our calling and future in it This vision give direction and meaning to life, it is our everyday thinking and doing turns.’ (Olthuis, 1989:29). It is believed that religions come from the dreams and the practices people do in groups, they practice their customs (are accompanied by their faith in a certain thing). Religions are divided into three types of system which are symbols, myth and rituals. Each of the characteristics have a certain role they play in the worldview and they also have the effects in the worldview.

Under the symbol, there are actually many characteristics and meanings/symbols to show the religion. The symbols such as clothes to identify the specific religion the person falls into. Myth are strategies used to convince people about religions. Those stories were mostly told by the old age people telling their experiences for survival. The rituals are the practices done to perform their ceremonies, those ceremonies are divided into different groups of people. Therefore, worldview is the major part of human survival and life. In everything we do worldview exists in it.

Education goes hand in hand with worldview in developing and guiding with this reality called life. I believe that worldview are the non-proven stories whilst in education we deal with scientific evidence that can support the evidence found. Education can be defined as the structures of thinking and writing daily that needs participation and the resources provided by the government (Du Pressis, 2013).

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