Worldview Process Philosophy

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Throughout history, there are many different types of worldviews. Worldviews have affected many people in their beliefs. Worldviews have changed religious beliefs and certain governments. Wars were fought on these views and it’s important to have an understanding of what and where they came from. One of the most current has been process philosophy. In the essay, the worldview will be discussed and how it affects currents issues we face. Marriage and the effects on it will be discussed as an example of process philosophy.

Process Philosophy is a worldview that came into being around the mid 19th century(Martin 145). Alfred Whitehead(1861-1947) is considered to be one of the main philosophers on this view. Previously, Heraclitus(535-475BC) is considered the Godfather of this view “he stated you never person ever steps in the same river twice”.(Sjöstedt ND). Process Philosophy is a view that there is no set path and that anything can change or happen based on experiences. It looks to becoming and changing or a static being(Hustwit N.D). This view moves away from the supernatural and biblical views of the past.(Martin 149).

There are four presuppositions that come from process philosophy. Relativism, which everything is in the process of change and there is no absolute. Environmentalism, Environment is this ultimate. Progressivism, that movement or flow that exists are progressive. Finally, Developmentalism, which everything can be traced back to point of origin(Martin 150). Process Philosophy points out that the future is not set and we can learn from past and present. An example of this view would be in you want to be a marathon runner, you have to keep running to become a marathon runner. A person cannot just start out as a marathon runner and continue being without running(Greene 2015).

Marxism has become a leading example of a process philosophy. Marxism did not believe in God and saw no good in having God involved in society. This worldview of a classes society would leave to many revolutions and death throughout society. Marxism would lean to Leninism and Communist parties in a lot of countries in the east such as the Soviet Union and China. The Leninism view took away from the individual and focused on the party. This movement gained a huge following in the 20th century and many countries adopted communist parties. The United States resisted and fought and outlived most communist parties. Currently, there has been a huge push to move back towards socialism. Education today has been an effective tool in convincing young Americans to learn about the so-called benefits of socialism(Martin 202).

Marriage has been a holy institution for centuries. A man an a woman come together under the eyes of God and created a life together for eternity. Moving forward marriage is no longer what it was a long time ago. With Process Philosophy Divorce is now prevalent in most marriages. 41 percent of the first marriages end in divorce and 60 percent of second marriages end in divorce and 73 percent of third marriages end in divorce(Irvin 2012). In the past, one would only remarry after death or if the was extreme abuse in the marriage one might be able to be granted a divorce from the church.

Till death do us part is in the vows from a marriage that was read from a pastor. With the Absecene God, marriage is a lot less meaningless. Without the word of God, these marriages seem to more like a civil union than a marriage. With process philosophy and a push towards socialistic view on marriage, there is hierarchy arrangement. This is where one party submits to the other in the marriage(Martin207). There is no longer hard work to keep these marriages together for themselves and their families. Children are greatly affected by divorce. They think that marriage is not that strong and can be easily dissolved for another marriage. They will now grow up to most likely do the same things as their parents have. Most people move through multiple marriages.

The gay marriage movement has seen a huge growth, especially in the United States. Under God, gay marriage would never be allowed and is a sin. Gay marriage is now commonplace this has been a drastic change from past and God in our worldview. Marriage is not as special under process philosophy as it was under a most God-like view. People know get married for benefits such as taxes or-or health benefits. People also marry for citizenship. These things make marriage more of a business partnership than a loving marriage. This ways under Process philosophy take on a more socialist view than the traditional biblical view.

The worldview process philosophy has destroyed many aspects of life. When you Take God from the people you take away the good man is capable of. This worldview needs to go away from and moved closer to God and the Individual. The process Philosophy has been popular with many groups and people. At the core most of what this philosophy value does not work or truly value people like the Bible does. There truly needs to a meaning for people to prosper.


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What are the facets of process philosophy?
Process philosophy is a philosophical framework that emphasizes the dynamic and interconnected nature of reality. It encompasses various facets such as the rejection of substance ontology, the emphasis on becoming rather than being, and the idea that everything is in a state of constant change.
What are the process of doing philosophy?
The first step is to identify the problem, and the second step is to find a way to solve the problem.
What is a worldview in philosophy?
A worldview is an individual's framework for understanding the world and making sense of their own lives. A person's worldview includes their beliefs about the nature of reality, their values and opinions, and their personal preferences.
What is an example of process philosophy?
A process philosophy is one that understands the universe as continually becoming. In the Greek tradition Heraclitus said than no person ever steps into the same river twice . He was in the process tradition. Daoism and Buddhism are also in the process tradition.
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