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Security Issues and Challenges in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey

Overview-Background The Sensor node is the basic building block of the a WSN. The components of a sensor node very based on the context and situation. The units of a sensor node generally include memory, processor, power, sensor, transceiver, position finding system, and a mobilizer. The role transceiver unit is critical to the sensor node…


Cyber Security,

Information Technology

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Challenges and Operational Restrictions Preventing Integration of UAS into the NAS

This document will outline some of the challenges and operating restrictions that we are facing in the world today that is preventing the integration of unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace system. The majority of these problems are coming from privacy issues, issues with hobbyist aircraft, and the fact that the airspace system is…




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What benefits and challenges do the digital media age provide to the democratic process

Democracy Democracy is larger part rule government which is a course of action of dealing with conflicts in which results depend upon what individuals do, yet no single power controls what occurs and its outcomes. ‘Standard of the larger part’ is here and there alluded to as majority rules system. Popular government is a Greek…


Democracy in America,



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The challenges of working women in our society

The challenges of working women in our society what does that mean well the challenges of working women can come with good outcomes and sometimes bad outcomes. Working women go through many challenges, especially for women. Challenges that women face throughout the workforce is discrimination and tolerance, treated differently because of sexuality, unequal pay, Insufficient…



Sexual Harassment

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What’s the Meaning of Life’s Challenges Argumentative Essay

We’ve all had those days where we feel like giving. Where it feels like the entire universe is against us. A lot of us feel that our situation is just too hopeless to get out of. However, you shouldn’t succumb to despair and defeat! As cliché as it sounds, there really is a reason why…




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The Challenges Faced by the Commercial Banks of United Arabs Emirates

Commercial banks in UAE and the entire Gulf Region have had numerous challenges. These challenges have affected their operations and service delivery to the customers. The economic foundation of UAE as an oil-producing country has made financial institutions to always try to align their operations with oil trade as the main economic activity in the…




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The Challenges in Implementing Local Gun Restrictions in Washington DC

Introduction The district of Columbia law prohibits handgun possession by criminalizing carrying of unregistered firearm and barring the registration of handguns, the law gives a separate provision that an individual shall not carry an unlicensed firearm, however, the law permits the police chief to give 1year licenses, and it is a requirement for the residents…




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The Challenges Faced by Breastfeeding Mothers in the Workplace

Breastfeeding mothers Considering the challenges faced in raising infants among the breastfeeding mothers in various occupations like formal employment and other commitments, it is recommendable to adopt and implement the following social-cultural behaviors to reduce obesity cases resulting from poor feeding practices among children. The respective governments should adopt policies requiring compulsory breastfeeding of children…



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Development of Digital Collections Challenges

Introduction There has been a rise of scholarly libraries worldwide as these have constantly held a focal position as the core of a community—both emblematically and as far as its physical situation. The libraries reflect encompassing structures which are prevalently sited and regularly laudable in scale and character. These early libraries were altogether different not…


Information Technology

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All About Me: Challenges and Enjoy

My name is Meg Shelton. I was born and raised in Decatur, Alabama. I am a twenty-year-old student at Calhoun Community College. My major is undeclared, but I am interested in Computer Sciences. I plan to attend the University of Alabama in Huntsville after I complete my basic courses at Calhoun. The road to student…

All About Me,


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