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Homelessness Issue in Ireland

Introduction The problem of homelessness in Ireland has turned into a crisis over the last ten years leaving thousands of people without a home. In this essay I will discuss how you are considered homeless in Ireland, causes of homelessness, the increase in homeless families, Ireland’s social housing policy and the Housing First policy and…



Homelessness as a Social Issue

What is the first thing that always pops into someone’s head when they hear “homeless”? Normally when we think about a homeless person we think an alcoholic or a junkie, sadly this is not always the case. A homeless person can vary from a struggling college student, a family who just went through hardship, veterans,…


Social Issues

Homelessness, Substance Abuse and Crime in America

Introduction Maslow’s famous “Hierarchy of Needs” first published in 1943, established that in order to be a productive member of society we must have our basic need for shelter, food, water and warmth. Seventy-seven years later, we still have many in society who do not have those basic human rights. Go to any major city…




Substance Abuse

Homelessness Issue in Los Angeles

All around the world people are experiencing homelessness. Being homeless is not having a primary residence or more say a roof over one’s head. He or she may be living in shelters, going couch to couch at a friends, living out of one’s car, or simply just not having a permanent situation. Homelessness is a…


How Can We Reduce Youth Homelessness in the United States?

We’ve all seen them. They spread in groups on the sidewalks outside New Orleans’ downtown businesses, maybe with a dog curled on side of them. Their tattoos and piercings make them look aggressive, and their baggy clothing makes them appear bigger than they really are. Smoking, drinking, conversing amongst one another and refusing to make…


Homelessness in the United States

Homelessness has been around forever but often looked over as something that isn’t a big issue, but why is the public just now becoming more informed in recent years? We are being informed more and more about it because the population is becoming larger and larger. However, we often neglect the severity of homelessness. On…


Homelessness in Minnesota

Secure housing is out of reach for many Minnesotans. African Americans, American Indians, veteran, children and youth age 24 and younger and youth who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) are particularly over-represented among the homeless population. Minnesota is facing a housing crisis. Home prices increased 8.9% from 2017 to 2018 alone with homes…


Homelessness in America

Homelessness has been around forever but often looked over as something that isn’t a big deal, but why is the public just now becoming more informed in recent years? Looked at in great depth within homelessness in America, the focus is on individual adults. Among people experiencing homelessness in our country, society knows that most…


Homelessness in the World

There are lots of problems in the world, with poverty and homelessness topping the list. Nobody wants to be homeless, because it causes pain to everybody, not just the victim. It is a very urgent problem that needs to be fixed. There are about 1.6 billion people lacking adequate housing worldwide, and the Citizens of…


Cause of Homelessness

Through January of 2019, the national unemployment rate rose to 4.0% and it is the leading cause of homelessness. Causes of unemployment include job outsourcing, advances in technology, and demand-deficient unemployment. Job outsourcing entails producers to employ workers from other countries with lower costs of living which causes American workers to lose their jobs. Advances…


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