Mandatory Volunteering is Bad

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Mandatory Volunteering is Bad essay
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Today, many high school require long hours of volunteering service in order to graduate high schools. Volunteering should be something you choose and really want to do and have time for. One reason why mandatory volunteering bad is that it would take lot away from their free time. Kids are very preoccupied with school, extracurricular activities and school projects nowadays. A lot of them are already under a lot of pressure and stress from their parents to exceed in their academics. Some students have to take care of their siblings and maybe pets and such.

Forcing people to volunteer can cause some of them to be bad volunteers. This mandatory volunteering may make them dislike volunteering in the future. Also if students are forced to do services, they will not perform as best as they could. Because nobody can’t force somebody to do anything. It could turn out to be bad experience for them and cause students to not like to do volunteer again. When students do mandatory service, they are just completing their hours, but not putting in any effort.

Another point is that volunteering is not for everyone. Some people don’t enjoy serving to others, some people have the social anxiety and they can’t be in public places. Some kids have communicative issues and attitude problems. In my opinion, most teenagers like to participate any sport competitions, playing music instrument, doing their hobby or just watching movies.

However critics believe that once students start doing it, they will really like it, actually its not true. Nobody’s going to like forced work. Nothing should be required of students after school except homework. For example my friend did volunteering at the library when she was in high school. Actually she did not like to do mandatory volunteering. But school forced her to do at the school library. All she had to do was basically wiping down the keyboards of the desktops, wiping down everything including all the old books. She told me that she hated doing that. Everybody has a different personalities and interests.

My friend was really into music, she likes to play piano all the time. She loves listening to and exploring new music. After school she had piano lessons three days a week. But she could not enjoy her favorite activity because of the mandatory volunteering. I know that she tried to work well at the library. But one day she was so tired after long classes but she had to do her community service. On that day she got to the library and fell asleep. Meanwhile a superviser who worked there came to her to wake her up. And she told my firend aggressively that she was the laziest volunteer she ever had. This is example of if someone have no passion about something nobody can’t force them nor get good results. Ever since she is not interested in any volunteering in the future.

Volunteering should be something passionate. Students have to do of their own free will not mandated. We have to admit that community service isn’t for everyone.

Mandatory Volunteering is Bad essay

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