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Immigration and Becoming an Australian Citizen

Citizenship in its entirety not only symbolises community but also the duties and rights of the community that comes along with it. Outside the core of membership, conceptions of citizenship have altered due to the time and place, as both the nature of community and membership are in question. Typically, citizenship is often about legal…




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Issue of Birthright Citizenship and Immigration

Even in 2015, “about half of Republicans wanted to amend the Constitution to repeal birthright citizenship—and the more conservative members of the tea party favored repeal by an almost 20-point margin, 57 percent to 40 percent” (Nowrasteh, 2018). Trump revisits the issue of birthright citizenship during his presidency. In late October 2018, he announced his…



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Citizenship and Human Rights

An individual can acquire citizenship by birth, duties and the associated benefits. Therefore, citizenship forms the basis of fundamental rights derived from the constitution and is commonly referred to as the right to universal human rights. Citizenship is generally divided into two distinct types including either birthright or naturalization. Under birthright citizenship, an individual is…


Human rights

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2020 Census and Question about Citizenship Status

Every decade, the United States Census Bureau surveys and counts every resident in the United States of America. The data collected by the Census then determines the number of seats each state has in the United States of Representatives and also is used to distribute billions of federal funds to communities. The next Census, which…


United States

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Citizenship and Immigration in the United States

As the political debate on both legal and illegal immigration seems to steadily grow in the United States every day, the debate of what becoming or being a citizen in the United States in this climate actually means and the benefits that it can bring to an individual has also seen a steady increase among…



United States

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definition of Citizenship in the 21st Century Argumentative Essay

The traditional definition of citizenship that has stretched to the current world, and which will probably also hold in the future is a term describing the condition of an individual as legally belonging to a nation or sovereign state. The status can either be recognized through laws or customs of the countries in question, and…


Race and Ethnicity

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Changes on American Citizenship

Over the history of the United States, the conception of who is an American has elicited many reviews and changes over time. This means that from a historical context over the history of the country, there have been changes as to who or who is not an American. This paper will dive deeper into this…


United States

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Citizenship in Saudi Arabia

Unlike traditional political system in countries like Saudi Arab, where the conception of dual citizenship is nearly impossible and slaves, vassals, whose social status implies hierarchy and domination amongst the nation. On the other hand, Modern nations, such as Singapore, supports citizenships and citizens are giving certain rights and freedom, which helps shapes the individual’s…



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Birthright Citizenship to Immigrants

As the numbers of immigrants coming into the states are higher than ever, there are more babies of immigrants being born. A common discussion amongst a lot of people is whether or not these babies deserve the same rights as babies born from non-immigrant parents, or if any immigrants should be supported and protected by…



United States

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My Civic Responsibility Argumentative Essay

Civic responsibility is defined as the responsibility of a citizen. Civic means of relating to or belonging to a city, a citizen or citizenship, municipal or civil society. Responsibility refers to the state or quality of being responsible or something for which one is responsible such as a duty, obligation or burden. It is contained…




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