Importance of the University Education

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With the continuous development and progress of society and the advent of the era of the knowledge economy, knowledge has become particularly important and has become an important factor for people’s success. Education is an effective way to acquire university education knowledge and value. As a result, university education is gaining more and more attention, but because of the growing demand for textbooks, people choose to work, while others choose to go to college. Today, more and more people choose to receive university education to improve their abilities, this fact is a very necessary choice.

Why education is so important in an era of scientific and technological development. Since ancient times, science has been developing and affecting us. There were some educational developments in ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago, such as ancient Athens education and ancient Spartan education. Then there is the Renaissance, which also reflects the importance of knowledge. And what we know about Socrates, Confucius also taught a lot of disciples. It is precisely because of their teaching that more knowledge spreads and more people have developed.

Thanks to their communication and education, people in the future have inspiration and continuity. In the past, when university education was not popularized, going to university was something that people yearned for. Modern society has rapidly developed science and technology, and education has also developed rapidly. While interested in science and technology, university education has also attracted people’s attention. Through this survey, you can understand the importance of university education and its impact on people. There are many benefits to receiving a university education, and now a university degree is also very important.

University is a Rewarding Investment

With the rapid development of globalization, we live in a society that requires science and technology. Most job recruitment standards are based on university degrees. Many companies are also more willing to recruit college students on university campuses, such as college job fairs and internships for college students. Through college education, people can get better jobs and opportunities to improve the prospects of life. Most Americans have widely accepted university education. They believe that all students should prepare for higher education. Because these certificates are not only necessary to get a job but also a way to achieve higher achievements. (Smerdon, Becky et al., 2018)

Therefore, university education brings a lot of high returns to people, which is worth investing in.

University graduates have more and better employment opportunities

The country and society have always advocated education for the benefit of mankind. Most jobs have academic requirements, and more and more job application criteria are university degrees. Because college students who have received a college education have a certain foundation for work and professional knowledge, they can save more time instead of needing to train them to learn from the simplest content. For example, design students can follow the predecessors for simple design work after admission and can start design work after understanding the work. But someone who has not studied design needs to learn to draw, cut, etc., he needs to learn from the basics. But in the process of university education, college students have already conducted formal professional studies.

University graduates have more job opportunities. During college, the school and teachers will also provide relevant professional work internships for recent college students. At the same time, there will be many job fairs on campus. The companies at these job fairs are from all over the world. They will give priority to recruiting college students. It is welfare that cannot be enjoyed in society. Not only have these employment opportunities, but university degrees are also recognized worldwide, it represents your mastery of this professional knowledge, and has the work skills of this industry. Therefore, the industry is more willing to enroll college students with basic knowledge than high school students who have just entered the society.

Because of the knowledge and qualities of college students have been tempered and nurtured in the school, it is easier and faster to integrate into the work position. College students can bring higher efficiency to the company than high school students. There are also more companies willing to admit college students, they will give college students better benefits, such as high salaries, high insurance, and so on. They think college students can bring them higher income, and a company’s corporate culture is very important, highly educated employees can reflect a high corporate culture, so they are willing to attract them with better welfare.

University graduates have lower poverty rates.

Knowledge is wealth, and people with a university degree in society are relatively economically higher than other groups. Their poverty rate is also relatively low.

The Census Bureau surveyed the poverty rate of people over the age of 25 (including 25) based on their education level. In 2014, the overall poverty rate for the population over 25 was 12%.

Poverty rate

  • People with a bachelor’s degree or higher – 5%
  • People with university education but no degree – 10%
  • People with a high school diploma but no college degree – 14%
  • People with no high school diploma – 29%

Young People can Learn more Skills through University Education

University education can improve interpersonal skills

Interpersonal relationships are becoming more and more important in life. Good interpersonal skills and good interpersonal relationships are necessary conditions for survival and development. Before going to university, the students received all the knowledge in the books, but there were many choices of education during university education. University education has two parts, practical and professional. Students must not only learn professional skills but also participate in internal activities and outdoor practical activities. Not only that, for example, dormitories, classes, and colleges, but also often need to communicate and communicate between people. This has also laid a certain foundation for us to face the society in the future, through college education to get exercise, in the future, we can better deal with interpersonal relationships in social interaction.

University education can improve professional skills and knowledge

The university is divided into many colleges and majors. Students can choose the majors they like and want to learn to accord their needs to develop their professional skills. Some professional knowledge and skills can only be learned by going to university. Because the most important function of a university is to train excellent talents to better serve the society and at the same time aim to cultivate people’s skills and qualities, for example, with the rapid development of technology, more and more jobs are related to technology, and some technology research and development companies are also very popular. Therefore, AI and computer work need to be systematically studied at university.

There are also some professional fields: medicine, music, law, business, and other professional industries. In 2019, The Wall Street Journal proposes “Artificial intelligence will certainly have an impact on any field in the next few years. Yet AI courses are often restricted to technical majors, making the topic inaccessible for much of the student body. At university, students must pass at least four computer-science courses before they can take Intro to AI.” Therefore, like the AI industry, there is no way for people who do not have a college education to master it. AI also represents that in the future life, receiving professional education will have a huge impact on people’s lives and is also very important.

University Education is Necessary

Compared with the gap between high school graduates from and university graduates, it is still necessary for young people to receive a university education. University education is of great help in cultivating the qualities of college students in many aspects and future development. They can find better jobs, have higher salaries and have more job opportunities. The main purpose of a college or university is to change the lives of students, not just change them or help them mature. This transformation is an ongoing process designed to consciously match your behavior with your core identity. (Johansson Charity & Felten Peter, 2014). Therefore, university education is to help students in many ways, so that students will become better people in the future.

People who do not receive university education think it is not important to go to university

University education brings a lot of help to people, but some people think it also has some problems. And these problems led people to give up going to college. The main factor that affects high school students’ graduation from a college education is that college tuition is a relatively high expense, and there are also some reasons for the family and geographic location. They think it is more important to work as soon as possible and to help parents share at home. People who do not have a college education will start looking for jobs that do not require academic qualifications. And these jobs are often very basic, and the salary is not very high, such as waiters, cleaners and other occupations. These jobs are not guaranteed and may not be a stable and long-term job. Although it can bring some income, the amount is not high. Maybe this job solves family problems and some debts, but if you get married later and raise children, these salaries are not enough. There is no room for improvement in these jobs, because managers also need certain professional knowledge, for example, hotel management is also a university major.

The Status of University Education is Gradually Rising

Too many people now choose some vocational schools, so these schools have less cost and shorter study time, and they will arrange related work when students graduate. As a result, many industries are highly competitive. For example, some beauty and hairdressing industries are operated by informal people, while regular shops have few customers because of the high cost. Some hold graduation certificates from ordinary vocational schools and are refused jobs because of degree problems.

Many did not go to university because of family expenses and other reasons. They regretted it after a few years. They thought it would be easier if they had a university degree. Social development is very rapid, not only to develop the economy but also to pay more attention to education issues, universities have gradually begun to globalize, and universities must slowly integrate into the global society. More and more people are choosing to receive a university education, and some people have started to question the university. They have problems with investing in long-term learning. Think the return is small.

However, university education has become a trend, and those who do not go to school will only feel the trouble caused by regret and lack of academic qualifications. It seems that a college degree and driving require a driver’s license, it will bring convenience to people’s lives. The role of university education is that they should yield feasible possibilities for the university, in fulfilling its new potential as a global institution able to promote learning, inquiry and even social development across the globe (In2012 Barnett, Ronald)


In 2012 Barnett, Ronald said that the reason why the university is in a good position is that it has been integrated into society and has affected the transformation of the entire society.

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