Why I Want to Learn Physics in University

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I’m applying to University of Central Florida (UCF) for admission into the PhD program at the physics department. I’m interested to this program, because of the experimental and theoretical physics broad base and also the physics research opportunities.

My interest in physics goes back to the high school, when I was studying experimental science at Jaber Ibn Hayan high school Sale Morocco. I always been fascinated by how physics explains natural phenomena and how physics and physicians change the perception of the universe and human history. Because of my innate interest in physics, I joined the faculty of sciences Rabat (FSR) at the University of Mohamed V for a bachelor degree in physics. The interest has grown, as my knowledge diversified through my years of bachelor degree, which led me to a master degree in physics and computer science at same faculty. In the master degree, I had the opportunity to have an advance study in various subjects of physics.

Like, quantum mechanics, statistical physics, material physic, nuclear physics and more (All physics subjects are in transcripts.). In addiction to the computer science study. For example, computer programming languages C++ and JAVA, scientific softwares platform like Matlab and Mathematica and working on linux environment. Moreover, I studied the computational methods in physics like, finite volume method, Montecarlo simulation, ab initio and DFT. Also, the use of Grid computing in science to process big Data and reduce computing time. My master dissertation project was the Rietveld refinement of the neutron and x-ray diffraction of ferromagnetic powder samples for the characterization of crystalline materials using FULLPROF software.

In 2011, I started PhD at nuclear physics laboratory faculty of sciences Rabat Agdal (LPNR). In the PhD, I got the chance to initiate my experience in scientific research, by performing an independent study in the field of my interest. The independent learning concerned state of art of, the theoretical aspects, experimental methodology, or the used of physics simulation software platforms. In my case, I used GEANT4 based C++ and FLUKA based FORTRAN to simulate the interactions of particles through matter using Montecarlo method and ROOT toolkit for the simulations data analysis. During the PhD, I participate in research collaborations, seminars and conferences. First, the PCI collaboration project between LPNR and IFIC Valencia. My assigned task was the simulation of a system of proton-therapy utilizing Montecarlo method, and the results are published in the International Journal of Cancer Therapy and Oncology Journal.

Second, I participate in a collaboration with an industrial partner CYCLOPHORIA Casablanca cyclotron team for the production of fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG). The results had been presented in an oral communication at two conferences. The first is, the 2nd Conference on radio-isotopes Production and Utilization and the second is 11th Cyclotron Research Workshop Monastir Tunisia and ANIMMA 2015 conference, Lisbon Portugal.The results of this collaboration are published at Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers IEEE. In the addition to collaboration within LPNR laboratory team on the simulation of a pet scan using Gate and it results are published in the journal. Finally, I had the opportunity to tutor undergraduate students in nuclear physics laboratory courses required for the bachelor degree student.

I participated also, in several events at the faculty like, the annual doctorate meetings at the University and the week of science held at the faculty for high school students.

During all these years, my passion to physics was the catalyst that speed up the reactions, the neutron that trigger the uranium fission chain reaction and pushes me more and more to get knowledge. I am convinced that I have to pursue a career in physics research and teaching. I will be grateful to have the opportunity to share my passion with others through teaching. The experience that had with teaching, as a tutor for an undergraduate rich moment of exchange for student and me. Also, I’m confident that I have the capability and the commitment to face the challenges that a physics research career may involves. The Phd program at UCF physics department matches my goals in both scientific research and teaching. In scientific research physics department offers a great opportunity for scientific research, especially, atomic, molecular and Optical Physics, computational Physics, condensed Matter, which is suitable with my physics background, and my previous scientific research work.

I’m looking forward to joining the University of central Florida as a graduate student at your esteemed department.


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Should I study physics at university?
It depends on what you want to do with your life. If you want to be a physics major, then you should definitely study physics at university.
What should I study in university if I like physics?
You should study physics in university if you like the subject. It is a good way to learn about the world and how it works.
Why do I want to study physics at university?
I want to study physics at university because I want to understand how the world works at a fundamental level. Physics is the most fundamental of all the sciences, and I want to understand the universe and our place in it.
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