Essay on Deadliest Tornadoes Review

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In the year 2011 the united states experienced a traumatic season where tornadoes occur in a lot of places.The destruction this country has experienced killed more than 550 people. This video Deadliest Tornadoes depicts the journey of survivors, researchers,and storm chasers.Scientist try to understand what forces caused these tornadoes to happen and what they can do moving forward to better inform the people on how to be prepared.This video shows people who are excited about this kind of research then you see those who are confused who want answers about these severe weather conditions but at the same time are grateful to be alive.We also see how we can become aware and knowledge of what it is we can do when these extreme weather conditions occur.This video will cover some topics such as jet streams,doppler’s,tornadoes, and La Niña that all play a role in how we learn about tornadoes and how they are formed.

One big thing I took away from this video that opened up the doors for connections between the textbook and the video was the lack of information the people had and how it has impacted so many people. Three connections that I will talk about that appeared in this video that we have learned about in this course is dopplers,La Niña, and tornadoes; these topics all work in how people will begin to understand tornadoes. Chapter 7 talks specifically about how weather radar is a necessary tool that not only monitors but enhances the development and displacement of severe weather systems. The investigation manual chapter on doppler radar shows figure 1 an image of this system that shows learners a drawing of this device but you see a put together piece of this equipment within the video.The video goes into detail about this technology and how the doppler radar can be used to determine air motions within the weather system; and with this new found system it can collect data on thunderstorm precipitation to help determine the direction of movement of a storm whether it moving towards a location horizontally or away which the textbook goes further in depth on this subject matter.As we move through the video it brings me to my next observation La Niña.

In chapter 9 I learned about the effects of El Niño and La Niña but I will only be discussing La Niña and how it works against the atmosphere bringing this cold phase to the water. The investigation manual for this class shows figure 2 and 3 visual representations of what La Niña looks like. The textbook talks about how La Niña occurs when the atmosphere and ocean interact in tropical pacific locations that have a huge affect on weather climate in different regions of the world; mainly southern states is what was pointed out in the video when this occurs.The textbook pointed out how la nina is especially cruel in the winter months. The last topic I am going to discuss is tornadoes this video is titled deadliest tornadoes and in 2011 lots of states didn’t know that they would be victims of these tornado conditions that are ultimately unpredictable. I found it interesting that you could see how some locations where tornadoes passed through some houses were untouched while other houses were not so lucky.The video basically summed up what a tornado is in one sentence, a rapidly rotating column of air.

A researcher from the video goes on to further explain tornadoes.He states “it is a connection with both the ground and the base of the thunderstorm, cold air descends with rain and hail and wrap around the circulation. This statement from the video and reading chapter 11 in the textbook it goes more in depth of the complexities of tornadoes but it covers what the video said but the text also talks about how a tornado occurs from a thunderstorm and that storm can include blackening skies, bursts of rain, flashes of lighting and thunder. All of these things contribute to flash flooding and the production of destructive hail or as we know it to be tornadoes. Each of these points I discussed I was amazed how these things in different chapters of the text all connect with how tornadoes affect the United States.

This next portion will be the question and answer section of this report about things I was curious about while watching this video. Is there a system in place to predict which geographical location will be hit by a tornado? The answer is no we just don’t have access to technology that could precisely pinpoint what location specifically will be hit by a tornado. In the video scientist Greg Carbin said “Think about the advances that have been made in that short period of time the ability to forecast a tornado event, of an actual thunderstorm forming is an inability we still don’t have. The doppler radar system can only detect air motion it won’t tell you specifically where a tornado may hit.

What is a tornado and how is it formed? A tornado is a mobile destruction of rotating wind that can travel from state to state. A tornado is formed when a storm occur that incorporates lighting that can start fires, winds that uproot trees that can cause damages to trees. As I previously stated other factors like rain, hail wrap around in a circular motion thus forming a tornado that causes mass destruction. We know that tornadoes are caused due to storms so why do some storms produce a tornadoes and others storms do not? The answer is simple we don’t know why this kind of thing occurs the only thing you can do is that when a storm occurs pay attention to the flash flooding warnings.

From the video we learn that only 10% maybe even less storms produce tornadoes,but when that 10% does occur like in the year 2012 it came in full force destroying everything state by state. What are the effects of cool La Niña water? La Niña affects the surrounding atmosphere and the jet stream. La Niña shifts severe weather in new areas and intensify conditions specifically in southern states like Missouri for example. Does climate change affect how often tornadoes occur? I believe that climate change does play role in the effect of tornadoes I don’t think it can determine how often they will occur. Climate change has a specific pattern and when it comes to this idea of La Niña I think the effects of this weather condition work hand in hand with climate change and the occurrence of tornadoes.

This semester I am currently taking a film writing class and I have learned the difference in what makes a film a good or bad film. I took my prior knowledge from that and I applied it to watching this video. I will be rating this film based on the use voice overs,cutting of scenes, dialogue, and images that we see where there is no dialogue being said but visuals. For the video deadliest tornadoes I give it an overall rating of a 4. I think this film is a 4 because everything was well put the only thing I had an issue with was that some of the survivors they interviewed I couldn’t understand what they were saying. So I would suggest when you interview people maybe working with enhancing the audio or interview several people and choose from the people you can hear clearly.

I would definitely recommend this video to other people who are not as familiar with tornadoes and how they affect lots of people. I know that my family is aware of what a tornado is but this video goes more in depth with how they occur and what it is people can do to prepare themselves. I feel not only my family but other students could benefit from watching a video like this because it covers a number of thing such as doppler radar technology,La Niña and jet streams and how all these things factor into how a tornado is formed and how they can be detected.Overall the video will only take up an hour of someone’s time and would you rather be informed or not informed on the environmental issues that affect those around us.I may be from the city but those in other parts of Illinois as well as other states are affected by tornados and I now know more than what I did from the weekly lessons from this course as well as watching the video deadliest tornadoes.

The only issue I had with the video that went into me determining that I wanted to rate the video 4 was the interviews of survivors. Their were some people who were speaking who when they talked I missed a few things they said because their voices faded out. I am a theatre student so I know quite a lot about voice project and how the direction you face when you speak plays a major role in how people hear dialogue. I know that this was a traumatic event for people to talk about but all you need to do is ask a person if they can speak with their head upward because you need for the mic to pick up everything they are saying. Overall to end this review on a good note the film was put together nicely I appreciate the use of voice over, visual representations, video’s of people chasing storms, and the statistics that were used to provide viewers with a factual video on tornadoes.


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