Tornado Survival Plan in Monroe, North Carolina

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My hometown, Monroe, North Carolina, has suffered a few tornadoes, and I have formed a plan to help people survive it. The city of Monroe is located a few miles outside of Charlotte, North Carolina and is a part of Union County. It is a small suburb that is surrounded by a lot of open land. I have formed a plan that includes what to do before, during, and after a tornado occurs. It is important to have a secure safe place. If you don’t, landmarks, like Monroe High School, will provide a secure shelter for you. Since I have had a lot of experience with tornado safety, my plan is reliable. If you follow my safety plan for a tornado, you will survive.

The city of Monroe is located in North Carolina, about twenty-four miles outside of Charlotte. Monroe is a part of Union County and contains about 34,331 people (“Monroe, North Carolina”). Monroe was introduced into Union County on December 24, 1844 (“Monroe, North Carolina”). In the past, Monroe has been an agricultural and commercial center, but has since developed into an industrial and retail center (“Monroe, North Carolina”). Tornadoes, tropical storms, and hurricanes are the natural disasters most likely to hit Monroe (“Monroe, North Carolina”).

Most landmarks are located in downtown Monroe. The Union County Courthouse is one of the oldest and most significant landmarks in Monroe (Granite Sky Civic). It is located at the center of downtown Monroe. The Courthouse has been renovated twice and represents the history and development of Union County (Granite Sky Civic). The Union County Courthouse allows their employees to leave from work early in case of hurricanes or tornadoes. Another landmark is Monroe High School, located about two miles from the Union County Courthouse. Monroe High School was the first high school in Monroe. Monroe High School also provides shelter for people in case of a tornado or hurricane. Monroe is a small town that continually grows. It is a suburb surrounded by rural area.

In Monroe, to survive a tornado there are several steps to take. The first course of action to take is to prepare for the tornado. You should keep a close eye on forecast and pay attention to the local news. It is also important to sign up for notifications, so you can make sure you receive all updates about the tornado. The next step is to create a family plan. Make sure you have everyone who is in your households’ phone number and email address, in case of emergencies. If your child is at school make sure they know the schools’ protocol for tornadoes. It is also important to establish a meeting place. This place should be a small, interior room with no windows on the lowest level of the home. Another option is a tornado safe room or storm shelter. Once you have your family plan, you should practice. When you have formed a plan and practiced, you should prepare your home. You should remove or secure your outdoor furniture and indoor furniture. It is also important to board up windows and doors. Finally, turn off your utilities to prevent fires and flooding.

Since you have prepared for the tornado, you should be ready when it hits. When a tornado warning goes out, if you’re at home, you should go to your family meeting place. If you’re at school or work, follow the tornado drill and find your shelter location. If you can leave work earlier, do so and get home as fast and safely as possible. It is important to stay calm and move quickly. If you are outside or in a vehicle, you should find a safe building or low-lying area. If you don’t have anywhere to go then go to Monroe High School. It is important to follow the plan that you have practiced. Once you are in a safe location, you should kneel, with your feet underneath you, and put your arms over your head. You should stay in this position until the tornado has passed to protect your body from falling debris.

After the tornado has passed, it is important to listen to weather reports, and the local news to stay updated. Then you should contact your family and friends to let them know you’re okay. When it is safe to leave your safe location, check your property for any damages. Make sure you are wearing clothes that will protect your body and feet from any debris. It is also important to check for anyone injured and let the emergency response teams know.

My plan would work because it is efficient and detailed. It provides specific details about the type of safety room to look for, how to sit, and how to develop a plan. My plan tells you what to do before, during, and after the tornado. My previous school and family plans have made me prepared to survive a tornado. Throughout school we had several drills and warnings, in which we had performed the tasks I listed above. Also, as a family, we used to practice our family plan in case of a tornado. Our safe place was our laundry room because it contained all the criteria. My mother had everyone’s phone number and email address’ just in case we were separated. A fellow survivor could trust me because at my school, every month, we had to do a tornado warning drill. I also went through three tornado warnings, one at home and two at school. I used my knowledge of previous drills and experience to form this tornado survivor plan.

I have formed a safety plan in case of a tornado occurs in my hometown, Monroe, North Carolina. Monroe is a small suburb outside of Charlotte, North Carolina. It contains landmarks, like the Union County Courthouse, that allow their employs to get off early in case of a tornado. There are also shelters that will provide a secure shelter if you don’t have any. One of these is Monroe High School, which is a landmark. I have formed a plan that includes what to do before, during, and after a tornado hits. I have done several drills through my school and at home, which qualify me to form a safety plan. I have also been through a tornado warning at home once and at school twice. I formed this safety plan to keep everyone safe if a tornado were to occur in Monroe, North Carolina.


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