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Greece Illnesses

Greece was founded between 800 B.C and 500 B.C. Since Greece was founded almost 40,000 years ago, there has been a profound number of health issues and illnesses that have surfaced in the country. Some of the top illnesses in Greece are tuberculosis, influenza, West Nile virus, AIDS, and a number of mental illnesses such…



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How Greece Culture Affect My Life

As a kid, my parents always told me stories of their times in Greece, the delicious food that they ate, the dances that they went to and the friends that they would have for a lifetime. These stories always made me very excited about visiting Greece myself some day. These stories have also became very…



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Greece: The Unripe Grape

The Grecian saying, “Αγάλι-αγάλι γίνεται η αγουρίδα μέλι.” translates to English to say “the unripe grape gets sweet as honey, at a slow pace.” The Greeks, all too familiar with unripe versus ripe grapes, tell us through this to have patience. Greece used to be a beautiful empire, the pioneer of all countries, and the…


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Modern Greece and Its Economy Problems

Greece is a European country with a long history. However, nowadays, someone who hears the word “Greece” might immediately think of the classic movie Grease, or the beloved shine of a pepperoni pizza. It’s important to remember Greece was once home to world changing philosophers. Socrates and Aristotle for example, are two common idols of…



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A Trip to Greece

Of all things known about Greece, I’m sure most people do not know facts that go into depth about the country. Though some people may know just a few facts. Many people research just the basics for vacations or educational trips to Greece, There’s a lot to learn and enjoy in the country. Greece is…

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The Hellenic Republic

The Hellenic Republic is a country located in the southeast of Europe on a territory of 131 957 square kilometres. It is inhabited by 11,132,966 citizens. The capital and largest city is Athens. Biggest industry/employer is tourism. Greece is divided into 9 geographic regions: Macedonia, Central Greece, the Peloponnese, Thessaly, Epirus, the Aegean Islands, Thrace,…

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Greece and Its Financial Risks

Greece is a beautiful country that is glamourized in photographs, stories, and movies. While it may be a beautiful country, would a person want to live there and run a business there? Studying and researching the history of Greece, the country risks, the currency and financial risks, the commercial risks, and the culture with help…



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Greece as a part of the European Union

Greece is an important part of the European Union. It has many contributions to bring to the union. Greece’s political status, economic status, amd migration patterns all prove why greece is important in the European Union. Greece’s current political status is parliamentary representative democratic republic, which means the prime minister ( Alexis Tsipras) is the…

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Macedonian King Alexander the Great

To commence with, in different era’s what a person does greatly affects what the individuals in t long run will perceive about him/her. Alexander took over as king of Macedon at the age of 20 when his father Philip was assassinated by his own bodyguard. The bodyguard who killed King Philip was then eliminated without…

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Issue of Unemployment in Greece

Greece, also known as Hellenic Republic is located in Southern Europe, bordering the Ionian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. As of July 2019, Greece is 128,900km big with a population of 11.1 million. The official language, Greek is spoken by 99% of the population. Minority languages such as English, German, French and some Greek dialects…



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