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California Housing Crisis

There is no question that California is in a housing affordability crisis; it is stated that nearly 1 in 3 households statewide spend more than half their income on rent, leaving so many families on the verge of losing their homes (Lowe 2018). And in much of California, rents are rising far faster than incomes….



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California Prison Systems

California’s prison systems are not only overcrowded and impacted but also face issues including, but not limited to: the overall jail conditions, excessive force against prisoners, parolee rights, and medical and health care rights and there have been many court cases discussing each of these topics. On top of these main issues that I’ll be…



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How are the California Wildfires Negatively Affecting Us?

Wildfires in California aren’t unheard of, in fact California is notorious for them. With wildfires raging, it comes with many negative effects. Wildfires claim homes and precious lives, it affects the world economically, environmentally and our own health. In mid-July to August 2018, a series of large wildfires lit up across California, including fires called…


Climate Change,


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Road Trip to California 

The horizon glowed a deep red orange as we drove on a single road that never seemed to end. During the summer of 2018, my family and I went on a road trip to California. Sounds a bit iconic right? Two days and two nights driving, it sounds so impossible now that I think back…



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Stereotypes about California

Living in the state of California I’ve encountered many situations where the majority of people from out of town have this pre-impression of what our state entails. I find people always have this single story filled with the misconceptions that our state is filled with overnight success and endless fame and fortune. California is also…



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Hydrosphere in California

I grew up in Southern California and hour away from the coast. In the summer, my family and I frequently spend days at various beaches. These beaches that line the California coast are part of the Pacific Ocean. For several years, I lived near the ocean and had absolutely zero idea the hydrosphere existed. This…




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Spanish Missions in California

California was occupied by Native Americans during the early eighteenth century. They had no idea of the drastic change that was about to take place on their people. I will be informing you of the Spanish Mission systems the Europeans had instituted and established during the late eighteenth century throughout the coast of California. I…



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California Dream and Gold Rush

The search for the California Dream has long been associated with the state’s identity. Since the Spanish discovery of the region in 16th century, its history has been largely romanticised. The name California itself is derived from Spanish literature and was a name of a fictional paradise. The notion of the California Dream was created…


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Comparing the Alternative Energy Experiences of California and Germany

Introduction In the midst of growing global distress about the importance of greenhouse gas reduction, there is increasing value in the assessment and valuation of renewable energy policies and their outcomes. While there is an overwhelming consensus that the world of energy is changing (and necessarily so), it is less clear the exact path the…

Alternative Energy,


European Union

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Implementation of Physician-Assisted Death

In the article “How California Prepared for Implementation of Physician-Assisted Death: A Primer.” Laura A. Petrillo and colleagues meet to discuss the ethical issues they may face as health care providers in the state of California. California was about to become the fifth state in the US to legalize PAD (physician assisted suicide). The law…

Assisted Suicide,


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