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Beautiful beach in a place called Hawaii

I remember waking up next to a beautiful beach in a place called Hawaii. It was a very hot sunny day when I took a walk with my family and dog to go see the beach. It was a beautiful feeling it felt like I was in another world. The trees were blowing and the…



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Ideal Vacation to Hawaii 

It’s always an exciting feeling when hearing the words lets go on vacation. Life can be a bit chaotic at times, so a vacation is just what some of us need to rejuvenate. When going on vacation it’s a time to relax, kick your feet up and enjoy quality time with family and a few…



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Hurricane Iniki

Iniki, ‘strong and piercing winds’, is its meaning. Growing up, my mom would often share her memories about Hurricane Iniki that took place September 11th, 1992. We lived in Mililani, Oahu; she said she had to prepare for Hurricane Iniki to the point where they filled their tubs with water to have clean drinking water….



Natural Disasters

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