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Procrastination and Time Management in High School

Reason/ Justification In Choosing The Topic: Time is a continuous significant matter that is sometimes being underestimated. People can have it whenever they wanted to do their stuffs and fix their own issues in life. Every single second does even matter that if we let it pass is a big loss for us. But most…

High School,


Time Management

Student-Athlete’s Time Management

The conceptual framework covers the structure and variables of a student-athlete’s time management, with the variables being the performance or involvement, and the affecting factors. The first variable involves the performance/involvement of a student athlete and splits it into the three sub-variables, namely the academic works extracurricular activities, and sport activities/athletics. Extracurricular activities are generally…



Time Management

Personal Responsibility and Time Management

Personal Responsibility What is personal responsibility? Personal responsibility means taking responsibility for your actions, in other words, it’s being able to take care of one’s well-being without expecting or blaming others to do it for you. Why is personal responsibility important? Nothing is more important to success than the ability to set, manage and achieve…

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Time Management

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