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Public Speaking Skills Need for Everyone

Public speaking is important, and we use it in our everyday lives. Hartranft (2013) noted that, “No matter what your ambitions and interests are, developing speaking skills will benefit your personal, professional, and public life” (p. 2) Public speaking effects all those areas for me. For example, my best friend got married a year ago…

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Public Speaking

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Michelle Obama as an Example of Great Public Speaker

Being a good public speaker is someone who goes up on that stage, platform or anything that is in front of a audience and they know how to interact with the audience and feel comfortable up there. What i mean by that is the person is giving the audience respect and showing that he really…

Public Speaking

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Importance of Connecting with Audience during Public Speaking

When public speaking, I feel being able to connect with your audience is the most significant. Connecting with your audience encourages them to be engage during your speech. People will not see the speech as something they are forced to endure. They will see it as something informative yet relatable in a sense, which enables…


Public Speaking

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How I Overcame with Public Speaking Fear

For years, I had been afraid of public speaking. I avoided it whenever possible. If I had no other choice but to speak in front of one of my classes, it was always disastrous. I dreaded everything leading up to a presentation. The teacher pulling names out of a hat. The teacher calling my name…

Public Speaking

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My Speaking Ability Issues and Public Speaking Experiences

The lesson of the day in my kindergarten class focused on the enthralling topic of the number line. As I was discussing the implicit importance of odd numbers, I vocalized my acute observation that three was an odd number. My classmates gave me quizzical looks so I repeated what I just said. I was met…

Public Speaking

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Way to Become a Better Public Speaker

Studying and evaluating the techniques of other speakers is an excellent way to become a better public speaker and gaining some feedback. Feedback from others is the fastest way to improve ourselves. Sometimes feedback isn’t exactly what we expect and can be something we don’t want to hear, but ultimately it’s what helps us grow…

Public Speaking

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The Perfect Public Speaker: Jonathan Safran Foer

Jonathan Safran Foer, a world renowned author, environmental activist, and New York University alumni, has not been shy about his thoughts on eating animal byproducts. He has written multiple novels supporting his flexitarian outlook on eating meat. Eating Animals—a Bible of sorts for those in the vegan/vegetarian community—has been frequently referenced by many people in…

Public Speaking

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Why Important to Build Public Speaking Skills

As I flipped through the pages of Thisday Newspaper on the 21st of June 2005, I saw it: an advertisement for vacancies from Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG). For the first time in my career, I was seeing an advert on the dailies that fits my job description perfectly. After 4 years of dedicated career…

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Public Speaking

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