Time Management Skills

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Reason/ Justification In Choosing The Topic:

Time is a limited resource. In every task it can be more or less effectively managed. The self-perception of having good time management skills is considered to have a direct correlation to performance levels of the students. Stephen Convey defines time management “as how you organize your priorities much better than before.” A person who wants to accomplish a performance in a shorter period of time which can leads more free time is considered using time management.

Student who perceive them selves as having good time management skills are usually the students who are more involved and have a high desire to achieve, resulting in a higher level of performance. To improve academic performance among school students, self-attitudes and participation in activities that keep schedules busy will help enforce the principal influence.

Bridgitte, Claessens, Earde and Rutte (2005) time management has an important role to the students in improving their academic performance and achievements, the students must have a cpability in managing their time including the setting of goals and priorities. Time management is only possible through self motivation, performance ability and motivation.

Lisa and Bert (2008) time management have a big impact to students academic achievements and ability is one of the predictor of academic performance. The relevant literature suggested that students should start gain time to make ways in order to manage their time.
This study is planned to analyze how the students can manage their time for achieving a good academic performance.

The general problem of this study is: How do students can manage their time that will affect their Academic Performance.

Expected Contribution To The Growth Of Knowledge In Time Management Skills Affecting Their Academic Performance

This study aims to help student in Senior High School in Apalit (Stand Alone I) to easily manage their time considering their academic performance. It also aims to serve as a guide for the students. This research gives benefits to the teachers and students. As for the teachers will realize that they need to base the capability of the students of what task they will give and for the students they can use their time properly on the task that they need to do.


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