Procrastination and Time Management in High School

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Reason/ Justification In Choosing The Topic:

Time is a continuous significant matter that is sometimes being underestimated. People can have it whenever they wanted to do their stuffs and fix their own issues in life. Every single second does even matter that if we let it pass is a big loss for us. But most people don’t even care for it that procrastination sinks all over the body mostly because of choosing wants over obligations.

Based on the Cambridge English Dictionary, procrastination is the act of delaying something that must be done, often because it is unpleasant or boring. It is the act that could lead people in trouble especially dealing with obligations in a certain period of time. It could layer all the tasks allotted to people that could give hardship. Basically, student’s procrastination is the most common reason of failures. According to Lay Schouwenborg, 1993, students with higher trait procrastination tend to have poorer-academic outcomes, which is suggesting that trait procrastination may matter when it comes to academic environment and practices.

According to Richard et al.2012, the important indicator of student’s academic success is their academic performance, which is most often expressed in terms of Grade Point Average (GPA), the weighted mean score of the grades from all course contributing to the assessment of the final degree. Other researches had shown that students with poor academic performance can exhibit how participation, high levels of procrastination varies based on the type of measurement used (Kim and Seo, 2015) and study withdrawal, poor results and academic failure (Infants and Marin, 2008)

Intensively, this study intends to analyze how procrastination of students could serve as a lesson fro them to be proactive in achieving good academic performance.

The general problem of this study is: How procrastination interfere in achieving good academic performance?

Expected Contributions To The Growth Of Knowledge Procrastination And The Academic Performance

This study aims to at least lessen, if couldn’t totally prevented, the procrastination of this students at Senior High School
in Apalit (Stand Alone 1) which tend to be one of their main problems and hindrances in achieving good academic performance. It will serve as a help for them to know their priorities over their own desires, especially at school. This will guide students in allotting their time efficiently for academic purposes and for their outside school responsibilities.

The researchers believe that this study will also share and show resolutions on how to handle the procrastination of students, that may eventually turned it into reactiveness, which could lift them up to achieve high chances of building up a good future using their good academic performance records.

This study may also help and encourage future researchers to explore more about resolving procrastination for the sake of having a good flow of life and a good academic performance for students.


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