Time Management and Time Robbers

Updated October 13, 2020

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Time Management and Time Robbers essay

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A few people may accept that, however effective time management refers to completing less things of more prominent significance. We cannot possibly do all that we like to do or every one of the things that there are to do. Appropriate arranging doesn’t enable us to do everything, neither does performing multiple tasks (in any event, not well!). We should acknowledge that we can’t do everything.

When we organize what there is to do, and center around finishing the needs to the prohibition of everything else, we will be increasingly compelling (and less focused!) The reason for time management lays on adequacy of time investing and strength on energy is the main mystery of human achievement. Time management is the way toward arranging each day exercises and realizing how to adjust everything that is throughout everyday life. Time management help to oversee time with various kind of devices and aptitudes and to achieve a particular task that has a due date with most extreme proficiency.

You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you don’t decide, others will decide for you.” – Tony Morgan

Time management is difficult for many people. That’s because you can’t really “manage” time. It is a unique resource. You can’t increase time, stop time, or store it for future use. No matter what’s going on in your life, your office, your industry or the world, time marches relentlessly on. At some time in their lives, just about everyone has trouble keeping pace. For some people, time crunches are only an occasional problem. They may be due to a temporary work overload, untimely equipment failure, some short-lived personal situation, or a miscommunication about times and priorities.

What is the first step in learning how to manage your time? well you just simply note down your short term and long term goals, this can be used by everybody. You just think of goals as the things you wish to accomplish which will be divided into two, which are short term goals and long term goals, there are also personal and family goals as well as business and professional goals. The key to time management is to always know your goals, prioritize them and to focus on tasks and activities that would help you reach these goals.

A time robber is a task that takes up valuable time which should be spent elsewhere. There are two categories which time robbers fall under; such as:

  • External Time Robbers
  • Internal Time Robbers

External time robbers include phone calls; drop-in-visitors; other factors over which you have limited control whereas Internal or self-generated time robbers include the lack of self-discipline; failure to delegate; cluttered desk and procrastination; or indecision.

There are few of the many types of interruptions that people encounter daily, your friends and family aren’t the only ones interrupting you, we tend to interrupt ourselves as well by diverting our attention to social networking websites, the web, or your telephone.

Set limits on when and how frequently you’ll utilize these things, and during timeframes where you’re not utilizing them, put them in a safe spot or don’t sign on. For example, tell yourself you’ll check your phone and social media accounts at lunch, and then at two five-minute breaks during the day, but that the rest of the time you’ll push them aside so you can focus on your work. Once you come up with the right plan for you, stick to it even when you might be tempted! Remind yourself that you can use them later—just not right now.

A well-written job description can actually help you perform your job better. HR.BLR.com reports that good job descriptions describe the critical elements of successful and unsuccessful job performance, and let employees know what is expected of them. Discussing your job description with your boss usually on a yearly basis is important as it can help ensure that the description accurately reflects the work you do for the company, for an accurate job description will help reduce conflicts and misunderstandings with staff and management and ensure that you are paid fairly.

Supervisors use weekly planning guides and calendars to make sure that calendars pinpoint dates as reminders which can be very useful for keeping work up to date, planning efficiently and meeting deadlines and it also helps to stay organized which enhances productivity.
What does it mean to delegate? To delegate is to dole out obligation and specialist to another person so as to finish the job needing to be done however you hold the general duty regarding its prosperity.

Assignment of power is imperative to any association as it engages representatives or colleagues. This is important as it leads to efficiency, this arises when duty is completed by workers with skills that match the role, this gives you time for planning and improved efficiency and good leadership, after coaching of staff or new staff, they will be able to take on roles that were assigned to them with or without supervision. When tasks are completed, new tasks can be taken with maximum confidence.

Some barriers to delegation are the reluctance to delegate, where managers believe that the staff can do a better job than them. They have no proper plan to delegate authority and this causes staff to have less work and loses the commitment to implement the managers’ decisions. Another barrier is the lack of motivation, lack of a motivational environment discourages staff to take responsibility and accept authority, these are usually found in organizations where there is lack of rewards and judgement systems.

There are some steps in order to achieve an effective delegation and these steps are:

  • Prepare:
    employees cannot deliver quality results if the task delegated to them are not properly set out or if expectations changing
  • Assign
    When conveying information to staff, include clear information on timing, budgeting and context, set expectations for communication and updates.
  • Confirm understanding
    This can be achieved by asking employees to repeat the assignment in their own words or ask questions to make sure employees understand all the aspects of what’s required.
  • Confirm commitment
    Be sure to inform the staff of any consequences that may result if they fail to deliver on the desired outcomes
  • Avoid “reverse delegating”
    Coach the employee through the task making sure that they have the resources and knowledge needed to complete the task
  • Ensure accountability
    This is the key to process of delegation as it means that the employees are regularly communicating with you about the status of their tasks

Time management is easier said than done for it takes a lot of dedication and determination to stay focused and follow the schedule that you have set for yourselves to manage time efficiently. Time management is important for every individual for if you are able to manage your time than you wouldn’t be far from attaining your goals.

Time Management and Time Robbers essay

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