Impact Of Time Management Skills On The Academic Performance

Updated October 13, 2020

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Impact Of Time Management Skills On The Academic Performance essay

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Reason Justification In Choosing The Topic:

Time Management is a limited resources and it is very important for all, especially for the students. Time Planning is the most important to do the students. Time is the one opponent of every students to complete their tasks in school. Students who have time management planning skills are the students who wants to achieve their goals that yield them a high grades. In addition, individuals may affect their performances and achievements if they did not help their self to practice the time management.

Students should value the time management. According to Kaushar (2013), time management have essential role in students’ academic performance. Time is important in our lives wether it is practical or in a educational domains. To accomplish the tasks or goals among school students should have to balance and control their time, set the priorities and scheduled the task that you should do in time.

The general problem of this study is: How do Time management impact the academic performance of Grade 12- ABM at Senior High School In Apalit ( STAND ALONE I).

Expected Contributions To The Growth Of Knowledge

The researchers founf out that a students or even other has its limited time resources. Just like the other resources that is limited. Managing time can be hard but if you just try as expected you can say that it is effectively managed.. We can say that it has differences of among indivuduals depends on how they approach in making such time management practices in how much students achieve their school years. Having good time management considered to have direct performance level of a student.

Students who practically challenge theirself to have good time management are the students involve to a desire to have higher level performance which can lead to have enough courage to be more careful. To be able to improve their academic performance. An individual that applies time management tecniques can improve how students can me more productive. And allows us to know what needs to be done and what goals needed to accomplish to be say that it is effective.

Impact Of Time Management Skills On The Academic Performance essay

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