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Analysis of Dangote Organization

The Dangote organization is a Nigerian multinational industrial conglomerate company, founded by aliko dangote in Nigeria in year 1981 as a trading company, importing sugar, cement, fisheries and other consumer goods for distribution in Nigerian market. The organization went in to manufacturing in the 1990, starting with textile industry, flour milling industry, salt processing industry…



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Marvin’s Organization

On the off chance that Marvin’s organization would intentionally choose not to offer, at that point it must feel that some other organization can offer for the undertaking and possibly advantage from offering. The essential explanation is Marvin’s organization is not the main organization that needs to distribute its nitty-gritty cost examination of the undertaking…



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Impact of Structure Commitment in Organization

Organizational commitment could represent a connected however additional world critical linkage between the worker and also the organization that features job satisfaction among its specific elements. comparatively few studies have examined the link between commitment and turnover behaviour. structure commitment is outlined within the gift context in terms of the strength of a human identification…



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Culture and Climate of Organization

The culture of an organization is known as the foundational values, terms, and vision that function as one entity. However culture defers from the climate of the organization. The climate refers to how an employee views the organization. (Marquis & Huston, 2017) Organizational climate directly results in employee engagement and performance. (Berberoglu, 2018) An effective…


Organizational Culture

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Harley Davidson’s Organizational Development

There are many excellent motorcycles manufactures throughout the world. One iconic name that many people are aware of is Harley. “Harley” or Harley Davidson is synonymous with built in the USA however, they have become an international organization over the years. They have partners in other countries as well as developers, manufactures, and dealers. Becoming…



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Xerox Organization

Xerox pioneered the photocopy industry in the 1950s. However, it faced extremely competitive challenges at the turn of the late century. In fact, the company was about to go bankrupt due to reduction in sales and customer interest. Xerox Corporation is an American organization which was established on 18 April 1906 by Joseph C. Wilson…



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Analysis of American Express Organization

American Express organization was recognized in 2011 by InfoWorld/Forrester Endeavor Design. An engineering gave two primary reasons to supply a system for collaboration between trade and IT and to offer a turn point for transformational alter (LeClare, 2011). An alter operators must get it a trade and understand some potential limits of innovation. An enterprise…



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An Individualistic Culture That Emphasizes Achieving Personal Goals

In Europe and the United States, the individualist culture that emphasizes achieving personal goals at the expense of group goals is prominent and is seen as a way to encourage completion. On the other hand, military veterans are trained and equipped with a collective culture that considers the success of a group or family as…




Why is Veterans Day important

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Informational Interview About Daily Work in the Special School District

On Tuesday September, 11 2018, I interviewed the Human Resource Manager at Special School District of St. Louis County, Lynn Lanigan. I chose to speak with her because I was rather unfamiliar with her daily role within Special School District. In our department of Human Resources, Lynn informed me that she screens and hires all…




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