5 Essential Spring Farming Preparation Tips

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The first day of spring, March 20th is approaching us quickly. For farmers, this is a critical time that predicts the upcoming success of their spring and summer seasons. Spring is a time to establish a foundation for the summer and layout some groundwork. Read below to start this season off on the right foot with these 5 essential spring farming preparation tips

Inspect Farm Equipment

Before the spring and summer season roll around, it’s critical to make sure all of your equipment is running as properly and efficiently as possible. Your farm equipment, without a doubt, will be put under a lot of use in the upcoming season. Efficient equipment leads to higher amounts of productivity. If your tractor has had a lot of wear and tear from previous seasons, consider attaching a Rock Block, which will protect and reduce rocks or debris from hitting your tractor and breaking windows. The Rock Block is a great way to ensure your tractor’s durability and save you money in the long run.

Soil Preparation

“Healthy soil yields healthy plants,” is a common understanding amongst farmers. Upkeeping and maintaining healthy soil is the ultimate way to ensure a successful farming season. Before March 20th, test your soil’s PH nutrient levels to measure your field’s fertility and to decide which crop will yield best.

Plant Selection

As stated above, your soil’s PH nutrient levels will affect your plant selections for the upcoming season. Beyond the soil, fixed and variable costs must be put into account, as well as price outlooks for each crop. It’s important to make sure the seeds you order are a commodity in communities.

Livestock Upkeep

For the health of your new animals, especially, it’s important to clean out and livestock shelters. Water leftover from the winter can cause mold and other allergens. Ensure your livestock’s health by cleaning out and maintaining a healthy shelter. If any animals seem sick or under the weather, contact a veterinarian to keep them healthy.

Weather Preparation

Depending on where you live, the weather will affect how you get ready for the spring. Get a good handle on the weather so you know when your peak days to prepare are. The winter can create a lot of leftover water that may cause flooding. This is a great time to take care of any flooding and to prepare for droughts that occur during the summer.

Start off the spring with success and start your preparation today! Between soil levels and equipment preparation, farming is on a time crunch, making it even more important to be ready for Spring.

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