Spring in “Just In” by E. E. Cummings

Updated December 28, 2021

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Spring in “Just In” by E. E. Cummings essay

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The poem that I chose was Just In by E.E Cummings. This poem is about the start of a new season, the poet is evoking a fresh way of rendering the freshness of spring. The season is a part of the unending cycle of nature, and the poem’s title is an expression of that ongoing cycle. Spring is both a season and an action.

Cummings takes the opposite approach, making the feeling of being in the season of spring. Cummings emphasizes that spring is more than one word, but it is many. It is a sense of a wide world. Spring has endless possibilities. Spring makes people feel expansive and connected to each other and the rest of the world, the poem implies. E.E Cummings also implies that just in spring does it feel like this.

In this poem there were also spaces and gaps in between words in lines, these gaps are supposed to be felt feelings of the poem. The springing words that imitate the jumping and playing of the children and the balloonman. The gaps also provide a kind of imaginative ground on which the balloonman is whistling and going about and of the children playing. Giving the words more room also makes the words on the page more meaningful, so that the multiple value of each word is more easily recognizable.

The spaces between the words make each word more important. I noticed the poet put names and words together because of the excitement spring brings. Spring is the season of creation, so the inventiveness of the human imagination also springs to life. I really liked how when i read this poem it made me picture a point in time. It makes me remember spring, and all of the memories it comes with. That was the point of this poem, for someone to imagine it is now spring. It brings up kids playing outside, they play with joy and laughter. I felt how cummings said “ come running from marbles and piracies and its spring”.

This reminds me of my childhood, where i would run from playing inside to coming out to spring. I liked how this poem makes connections. Everyone can connect and just feel what spring is. It is way more than just a word. It is a time where everything is joyful and the world seems so wonderful. Children are outside playing games, there are people whistling, everyone is just happy. There is also a balloonman who is selling his products.

This is another aspect of spring that we remember, which is a vender selling and making us happy during this joyful time. E.E. Cummings connected our childhoods and it really brought up memories that we tend to forget about. I remember playing outside where there is fresh air and puddles. I remember having that one friend to spend these days with. I also remember how everything is so peaceful as a kid. I am glad i chose this poem because it made me connect with the literature.

Spring in “Just In” by E. E. Cummings essay

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