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Visionary and Missionary

Mother Teresa is a visionary and missionary. She is a model for educationalist to empower women through education. As a Religious and Educationist she has done yeomen service to the people in the caste-ridden society in Kerala. The study is focused on her contribution to empower women through education and women’s power to generate income…


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Servant Leadership of Mother Teresa

Leadership is one of the best investigating areas of organization. Where he will be evaluating the effectiveness of the leadership plan and promote healthy and safe surroundings that supports a arts of quality leadership is a common term that is easy to describe but can be difficult to implement, leaders can be found everywhere including…


Mother Teresa

Helping Others for Leaders

A good leader is someone who is willing to help others. A leader cannot be someone that does not help other and puts him/herself first. A good leader has to put others needs before their needs. Mother Teresa was a Roman Catholic Nun who commited her entire life in helping the poor. Mother Teresa established…

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