Cross Cultural Social Norms

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Firstly, deviance refers to the statistical infrequency or extreme unusual behaviours, but it is difficult to define what behaviours is typically normal and what is abnormal because there is a very thin line present between the two concepts. Behaviour could be usual in one setting or situation and could be unacceptable in the other and same thing goes with cultural variations (Eysenck,2002).

Culture are different in a lot of ways some more obvious and observable than others. Examples cultures differ in language, dress like kimono or three-piece suits and social greetings like kiss, bow or handshake. For example, the slaughtering of animals is practiced in some areas, but it seems like abnormal act normally.

In education there are different approach which seems normal to others and abnormal to other culture like sleeping in class, in the UK is seen as lazy or a potential health concern. However, in South Korea and Japan, napping during lessons is encourage. With students in the UK getting less and less sleep, and too much screen time reducing the quality of the sleep they do get, and student health is being impacted.

Gender is also a socially defined characteristic and it has different criteria in different religions of the world. For example, a topless pose of a women model might be considered as normal or more complying with the social norms as compared to the men exposing their genitals or exploiting themselves in the same way, may be perceived as abnormal.

Sexual preferences and career choices can also have different criteria for normality based on gender (Eysenck, 2002). In some part of Africa and Asia its normal for young girls are giving away in marriage to older men (CHILD BETROTHAL) but abnormal in the western world. In psychological terms, the definition of normality and abnormality is difficult because of personal uniqueness and subjective social perceptions.

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