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Equality of Men and Women Argumentative Essay

Pages 6 (1 331 words)

Education System


Gender Equality


Universal Health Care

Gender equality means that equality of men and women in all matters of life that is socio economic and political. The concept of inclusive growth rate generally means that everyone is included in the growth process. Kerala has achieved social and economic development, but we are still facing wide gender disparities in many areas. This…

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Theory of Simple Equality and Complex Equality

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Michael Walzer believes ‘equality is a complex relation of persons, mediated by the goods we make, share and divide among ourselves […] it requires a diversity of distributive criteria that mirrors the diversity of social goods’ (Walzer, 1983, p. 18). In this essay I will explain Walzer’s theory of complex equality. I will do this…

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Equality and Diversity in a Health and Social Care Setting

Pages 4 (781 words)



Health Care

Equality means to make certain that all individuals regardless of their abilities, lifestyle or background, has the same chances in your setting. Diversity means to appreciate the differences of people and respectfully treating the beliefs, values, cultures and lifestyles of other persons. There are five key laws relating to equality and diversity in a health or social…

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The Equality Act

Pages 2 (410 words)


Gender Equality



The Equality Act 2010 outlines that public authorities must comply with equality duty set by the public sector. This duty is in addition to their first duty to not discriminate against you. The duty aims to make sure public authorities think about things like discrimination and the needs of people who are disadvantaged or suffer…

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Equality, Diversity, Rights

Pages 3 (746 words)



Gender Equality


Human rights


Racial Discrimination

Equality is about ensuring that every individual has an equal opportunity to make the most of their lives, the belief that nobody should have poorer life chances because of the way they were born, where they come from, their beliefs or if they have a disability. For example, if two people with different skin tones…

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Equality of Outcome in Revolutionary Socialism

Pages 2 (363 words)



Equality of outcome is the concept that if you give two people the same privileges and opportunities, two people should end up in the same or equal position. This is the opposite of a meritocracy where you become successful depending on your skills, regardless of the outcome being unequal. Revolutionary socialists support equality of outcome,…

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Concept of Equality and Liberty in Modern Society

Pages 4 (997 words)


Gender Equality


Liberty and equality are closely related to each other. There is no value of equality without liberty. They are the same concepts viewed through different angles, They are two sides of the same coin.  Currently we stand in a world where gender, caste inequality still exists. People are still prejudiced against women and do not…

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Concept of Equality in The Declaration of Independence and Letter from Birmingham Jail

Pages 4 (828 words)


Martin Luther King

Thomas Jefferson

Equality can be described in different ways, and can be interpreted differently; the word generally means being equal in status, rights, and opportunities. In the stories “The Declaration of Independence” and “Letter from Birmingham Jail” Jefferson and Dr. Kings approach to equality are similar because they are rebelling against the governments unjust laws, they are…

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Equality and Diversity

Pages 3 (640 words)


Diversity In The Workplace


Gender Equality

The health and social care term usually are referred to the provision of health and social services. These services include activities that are performed by medical professionals in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Social care involves those that offer extra assistance in the form of practical and personal care, to those who are in need….

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 Equality and Diversity in UK’s Public Sector and Barriers in Achieving Equality

Pages 7 (1 548 words)



Great Britain

Equality is a term used to describe a society where all its members can participate fairly, given their capabilities and have the same opportunities to reach their full potential. It has been enforced by law, most recently through The Equality Act of 2010. The Act reunites and updates existing laws into one, simplifying the legislation….

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