Why Do People Need Research

Updated August 3, 2022

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Why Do People Need Research essay

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Particularly to do a research first should understand the importance of a research, why, what are the procedures and how it’s done. Marvasti (2004) pointed out to the understanding of the research and research in society in the first chapter;

A research is designed to be organized, Systematic, discipline approach to answer questions about experiences and observations in the world. It’s a structured approach to gathering and interpreting information that allow us to theories about, understand our surrounded social issues or explain experiences. Particularly the research relies on different methods to collect information and data, which answer questions and confirm hypothesised theories. The most interesting point in the first chapter all human beings are curious in understanding and exploring the everyday experience. Furthermore, another explanations highlighted Sociology as it deals with particular disciplines investigates certain topics of interest therefore the study of society offers infinite numbers of topics, issues or any interest about humans and humans’ lives.

In addition, the research tradition methods classified into three categories, quantitative research, qualitative research and mixed methods. the quantitative traditional method concerns with measurement and numbers, value control and the use of standardized measures which is highly structured, then what is distinctive about the qualitative research? The latter is focuses generally on grounded theories, in understanding and meaning through which description. It’s used to study educational problems that require developing and understanding of complex social environment and the meaning the people within those environments bring to their experiences. It values the openness’s and flexibility and study issues in depth without being constructed.

Mixed method is the combination of those two methods which Frame the procedures within philosophical/theoretical samples of the investigation, such as within a social constructionist model that seeks to understand multiple perspectives on a single phenomenon—for example; depression, this mental phenomena in raise within the society the more difficulties faced to cover the participants as well they won’t show off to reveal the reasons on face to face interview but least they will note some on a questionnaire. Thus this method use rigorous process in collecting and analysing data appropriate to each method, such as ensuring the convenient sample size for both methods analysis.

Chapter 5 of quantity and quality in social research, bryman (1988) pointed out the differences between the traditions methods share, the different orientations of the two methods that the quantitative method concerns a set-up of participants to represent a larger population so that the generalizability of findings can be determined. While the qualitative research method adequate few participants to represent a large area. The most likely in this method is flexible, keep a close relationship between the researcher and the interviewee, unstructured strategy, reveal rich and deep data, and create emergent relationship between the concept/theory of the investigation.

Consequently, the utility of the qualitative method tended to be an essential fact finding way of an investigation, as researchers we may not ensure only one method to rely on or define as more scientific method, some topics or issues may not reveal the correct/exact facts unless it supported of the alternative traditional approach. Likewise the advantages of selected method the deficiencies may emerge in a way or another. In my point of view, after some of readings, a selected method can proceed into the heart of the issues contrast. This depends on the topic itself and the area to be investigated. However, I think the qualitative research is essential for us as researchers which enable us access to a variation of information and in depth of reality, thus understanding of what we want to know more than the quantitative that would focus only on constrained predetermined categories

Why Do People Need Research essay

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