Anti-Black Racism

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Racism refers to the discrimination or the unfair treatment which is against someone or a group of people from a different race based on the notion that one’s own race is above the others. Racism has existed all round human history1. It is simply the hate or hatred rendered by a person to another. The most common issue in racism is the hatred or racism between whites and blacks that is anti-Black racism. Over the years, Blacks or Black people have suffered racism in different forms, be it racist comments, hate crimes, violence, and to the extent of police brutality. Martin Luther king fought for the civil rights of Blacks when he was alive, among other Black presidents. According to a documentary, the civil rights Act of 1968 abolished racism, but this act seemed to have yielded futile results as racism was and is still in in its highest form in the United States. Professor David T. Wellman defined racism as the “culturally sanctioned beliefs, which, regardless of the intentions involved, define the advantages whites have because of the subordinated position of racial minorities”. In that documentary, it was stated that Black people made up only thirteen percent of the population of the United States but the united state prison constitute forty percent increasing population. There is a stereotype of Black people been criminals and violent people. This perception about Black people has led to the unequal treatments of Blacks. This essay seeks to identify how anti-black racism affects Africans on the continent and in the diaspora.

The harsh treatment on the Blacks over the years, although frowned upon, does not seem to stop. The recent case is that of the Chinese maltreating and kicking Blacks out of their country2. Blacks were ill-treated and ejected from their houses due to the fear of them spreading the corona virus. It is already an established fact Covid-19 started in china in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. This is a clear case of racism since both Africans and the Chinese all suffer from the pandemic but it is only the Africans who are being stigmatized. Some of the Africans were arrested and others were not allowed to enter restaurants. Others were evicted from their homes in the nights without having anywhere to go, they were been tested forcefully and were not given results. The discrimination focused more on the Africans and African Americans. Black students who study in China reported that they were living in the streets and were denied food. These abuses were predominant in the African community in Guangzhou. There have been various demands that China addresses the issue on the maltreatment of Africans in China. The ambassadors of Africa have made claims to the foreign minister of China over the issue.

Anti-Black racism affects both Africans on the continent and in the diaspora. One way anti-Black racism affects Africans in the diaspora is mental or psychological health issues3. The act of racism poses a lot of dangers on the mental health of the Blacks. People who experience or witness racism becomes traumatized and develop anxiety. The fear of being killed, abused or being mocked based on race hinders a lot of Black citizens from going around their normal duties. They become very timid and easily intimidated hence they cannot express themselves, their opinions and views on random issues with the fear of been looked down upon. Black students who attend interracial schools sometimes miss school or do not go at all with the opinion that it’s not worth it or they are going to face racist comments. This thoughts and experiences cause these individuals to take drastic actions such as suicide, isolating themselves away from the society.

Another divergent way anti-Black racism affects Africans is that it poses physical threat on the lives of the Africans. There have been cases and reports on the physical abuse on Africans in the diaspora based on their skin color. Police brutality is the commonest of all. Individuals who have faced police brutality which caused their lives are Eric Garner and Michael Brown back in 2014 by White police men, a recent example is the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota pinned down by the knee of a police officer while in custody of a police officer4. These acts by the police and other white racist put a lot of physical harm on the Black individuals. Most of the arrests and violent attacks on these Black individuals do not have justified reason and most of these people who are attacked are not even armed. This exposes the Black Americans to a lot of harm since they don’t even find safety with the police force because of police brutality.

Also the issue of racism prevents Africans on the continent to travel to the diaspora. There have been a lot of articles and videos circulating the internet on the act or practices of racism. This causes Africans on the internet to have no interest in travelling or going outside the African continent. It also puts to some extent fear in them and they start to speculate on what is going to happen to them should in case they find themselves in the foreign country. Another reason Africans on the continent do not have interest in going to the foreign country or fears to go to the foreign country is based on the stories they have heard from relatives and friends who have been there. DW’s Chiponda Chimbelu, in his writing said “there’s no relief for me that I live in Germany” in his writing concerning the death of George Floyd. This statement by Chiponda goes to prove the reason some or most African citizens do not have any interest in going outside the continent.

Anti-black racism leads to the unequal treatments of Blacks and Whites where the White citizens have more advantage over the Blacks as stated in Professor David T. Wellman’s definition of racism. There are various forms of institutional racism. Professor Tricia Rose, an American sociologist mentioned five social institutional which breeds racism either on purpose on non-intentional concept. These institutions according to Rose cause racism through “housing”, “education”, “criminal justice system” and “wealth”5. She explained that these institutions are advantageous to White citizens. With respect to housing, Blacks are not given loans to purchase property; this in turn leads low education and also leads to the dropout of school of most Black student. Blacks face a harsher criminal justice system, they get a higher sentence whiles the Whites get a lower sentence for the same crime committed.

Philosophy will play a major role in curbing anti-Black racism, since philosophy is the love for wisdom. Philosophy is going to create awareness on the issue of racism. Philosophy acts as guidance to human behavior. Since philosophy as a study is good for curbing the issue of racism because it concerns itself with the idea of knowledge, values, reasoning and the distinction between right and wrong. It can be said that people who pass racist comments or people who are racist are most of the time ignorant and have no knowledge of African or Black history. Philosophy therefore seeks to educate these people on the importance of African culture. In light of this, the perceptions and various stereotypes of Black people will be put to a stop.

Another way philosophy can help in anti-Black racism is the adaptation of the Ubuntu philosophy. The Ubuntu philosophy basically talks about humanity and the oneness of people from different places or race. The word Ubuntu is an Nguni term which means “humanity”. Humanity is a virtue and for a person to be humane6,7, he or she has to possess certain qualities such as love, patience, acceptance, open mindedness among other qualities. “I am because we are” is the interpretation of the term. In the Zulu language, it is said as “Ubuntu ngumutu ngabantu” which I explain in my own words as becoming a person or successful person not by one’s self but through the help and guidance of other people7. If this philosophy is adapted, people will know the value of other people and will therefore value each and every individual. Racists, if exposed to this form of philosophy will have a different mindset about Blacks.

In conclusion, racism in any form should be frowned upon, abolished and also be punishable by law. The points listed above on the effects of racism are a clear indication of the negative outcome of the act. Philosophy on the other hand seeks to educate people more on the acquisition of knowledge and the importance of valuing the human race regardless of one colour, opportunities and views.


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