Racism in The Media

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The Media, a place where anyone, anywhere believes absolutely anything, why do we believe the media when they encourage hate and racism. I am not implying that all media is bad in todays society but it’s not all good, now is it? As a society we live and breathe media whether we enjoy it or not. Racism is also a part of the media along with many other bad things, obviously. Here is how the media influences Racism in a bad way.

When a white or a person of no colour kills innocent people in the media it is said that he or she has a mental illness? That the person who just killed so many beautiful and lovely people has a mental illness, the news blames it on the ‘violent video games’ he played, the newspapers say that he was a loner and other ridiculous Imagine being a Muslim and waking up to the news of a mass killer murdering 50 of your fellow Muslims being described as an ‘angelic boy’, Is that really the best word they could use for a man who just killed so many people out of pure hate, was there no other adjective that was more fitting?

Why is it that we try to give even a piece of shred of humanity to the extremist who killed 50 people and injured so many more? The same newspaper had written about the Orlando Shooting in 2016, one starts off with angelic boy the other starts with ISIS maniac, in one there’s a mugshot on a man who looks very smug the other a little boy with his father, it has the same kill count, the one on the right has a little picture of the victims and the other a picture of the man who carried out the shooting.

I am not saying that the shooter on the right deserves humanity because he doesn’t but why does the media show humanity to this man when he’s committed basically the same crime? Does he deserve what he’s getting? People are saying it’s because of the refugee system and that’s why he acted out like that and that it was just self-defence, oh yeah forget about the fact that he wrote a seventy-three-page manifesto on how much hate he had for a certain religion.

Stereotypes in the Media causes people to believe negative thoughts about people. A study shows that in 2017 a university did a study on how the media shares about 3000 articles about people of colour who haven’t done anything but are shown across the whole world as bad people who shoot up places and kill people in either because of their faith or because it is seen as ‘fun’ to them, except they leave out the part of the average person being treated like chewed gum on the back of your shoe while not even doing anything violent.

If a brown person or black person kills someone or multiple people, in the media it is the biggest news and is treated as normal, everyone talks about it, which causes more hate between a community to a certain culture or race of human, even though the culture or the specific person, making more racism around the whole world. The media covers so many stories about men who have beards, speak in Arabic or practice their religion calling them terrorists, there are stories about people who are black and do illegal things, this is stereotyping certain people who look like that but don’t do anything bad, causing more hate in a community.

The media should not be a part of this hatredness, it should not be a fuel to this already burning fire that comes from different political parties and other communities, there are many ways the media can spread positivity instead of hate and I would love to tell you how, but I don’t have enough time. The media’s affect on racism is big and is a major part of why everyone hates certain religions and certain colour of people, lets make a difference and try to have less hate in the world, less war and less beautiful people dying for the wrong reasons, lets stop being mean to each other and start caring about one another. Just remember that just because someone says or shows you something does not mean that it is true. If we start today, we can make a difference in the world.

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