Racism: Human Issue

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Racism is a kind of discrimination or prejudice towards someone because of their ethnicity, skin color, or nationality. We all know that, racism is connected with some violent behaviors. However, it does not just limit to physical abuses, sometimes, the harm of racism can be done unintentionally, like calling racial insulting nicknames and telling racist jokes. Racism is absolutely a human issue, because it causes harm to victim’s dignity and freedom. As we all know, the United Nations adopted a document called Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948, and the first article in this document is “Right to equality”, which means everyone in the world is born to be equal, and should free from discrimination. So it is obvious that racism is a violation of human rights.

There are many reasons that caused in racism, one of these reasons is unfamiliarity. Many people lack knowledge and information about other races or cultures, which leads to cultural barriers, and makes them regard their own race as the best race blindly. When people don’t know much about other cultures, they are more likely to be racist. The second reason is the education. Man’s nature at birth is good, no one born with racist attitude and ideas. What people believe in is closely related to what their parents tell them, or what they learn in their schools. If their parents or teachers are racists, children would be injected thoughts like some races are superior to others, and this kind of belief would result in racism. The third reason that causes racism is fear. Since racial hatred is not only caused by hate, it can also connected to fear or anxiety. The increasing number of immigration who occupied job resources or pose threats to the social security make domestic people worry that some groups of people’s coming would harm their interests or profits, which can also lead to racism.

There are some solutions to deal with this issue. One of these is encouraging teachers and parents teach children about historical knowledge of different races, and tell children the importance of respect and embrace other cultures, so that our next generation would be more inclusive. The second solution is that people should stay informed and keep an open mind, everyone should realize that racist stereotypes is rooted in ignorance, and it is a trend of the world to be more and more inclusive and multicultural. The third solution is that the government should find ways to heighten their citizens’ happiness. For example, increasing the number of job position to reduce unemployment. As employment rate has great impact on social stability. People are less likely to be racist when having a stable income and happy life.

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