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Concept of Time Travel

Time travel is a popular topic that can be found in wide-ranging forms of the science fiction genre. There are many different views to time travel, with the views comes opinions, different theories, and hopes for it. In this piece, I will focus on the theories of using time travel to go into the future….


Time Travel

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Time Travel in Fiction and Reality

Sci-fi never stops to astound me as I take extraordinary delight in exploring these imaginative universes. This article will endeavor to delineate the sci-fi in the movie Terminator and the time travel hypothesis. Commonly I have viewed science fiction films which was filmed in action and comedy or drama. Terminator movie is the primary reason…

Film Analysis,


Time Travel

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The Aspect Of Time Travel

Richard Kelly’s thrilling masterpiece was conspicuous, identifying itself as part horror film, part cerebral sci-fi, part ’80s coming-of-age drama and part dark comedy. It offered up more questions than answers. There are many ways that you could interpret the movie Donnie Darko. There have been many points of views and reactions shared by the viewers…

Time Travel

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A One Way Type Of Time Travel

Many people have always thought about what they could do if they had a time machine. All of the events they could change and what the future would be like. Something like that has always been so far off from what we can produce that no one has even given it a thought. Many people…

Time Travel

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