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Are Human Beings Born Violent?

Violent behavior is defined as any form of individual behavior that is carried out with the aim to threaten, or harm the individual or others or destroy property. There are well-known philosophers in the world who have argued on the issue of Nature-Nurture debate. According to this controversy, the behavior is influenced by genetics or…

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Nature of Man Personal Essay

When people talk about the nature of man, it can go back for many centuries, and is still a popular topic today. What is the nature of man, or what is human nature? This is an exceptionally discussed point with various conclusion. Psychologically, it is a group of attributes, likewise including ways you think, feel,…

Human Nature

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Nature Of Reality Critical Essay

During the transition from childhood to adolescence, followed by adolescence to adulthood, many changes happen, often at the same time. I’m currently in the latter phase, and I’ve realized that humans, including myself, are so caught up in the hectics of these changes that happen in our daily lives. We are forced to move on…

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Human Nature in Hobbes’ Works

Hobbes believed that the State of Nature was one where humans consisted of dominating others and violence, where no person has any concept of property, justice or law. The absence of these three concepts makes people in the state of nature at a constant state of war. If the state of nature is a state…

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The Mimetic Nature of Human Being

Unconscious mimicry is transparent in human nature. In early 1897, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde expressed his views on human mimicry in a letter addressed to Alfred Douglas: “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” In Wilde’s statement, he was trying to convey…

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Nature of Human Mind

Thoughts of the person can be varied, a profession of the person may be varied, But the average of 90% of the human mind is almost similar, The quality of the human mind reacts based on the situation happening around us. The Cognit Space Theory presented a thesis, A new version of the ‘Two Minds’…


Human Nature

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How Agriculture Exposes Human Nature

Perhaps one of the most important milestones in human history after bipedalism. And it makes sense, a lot of great things came from agriculture like the mass production of potatoes and dense populations and my personal favorite, the oppression of women. Let’s give some credit to the honorable mentions though because we can’t forget about…

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World History

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The Importance of the Humanities in Our Time

“Humanities,” often has differing meanings in differing contexts and times, but generally it contains fields that are grouped as “the Liberal Arts.” This would include the study of history, philosophy, literature, art, and sometimes economics. Other fields, such as the study of language and rhetoric are often included; sometimes, political science, sociology, anthropology, and others…

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Lord of the Flies and Catcher in the Rye Character Analysis

The Catcher in the Rye and Lord of the Flies, are novels written by the authors J.D Salinger and William Golding respectively. Both novels work with similar contexts, making them have similar themes, conflicts, and approaches. Also, this connection, specially because of the character development allows us to make a deeper analysis of the novels…

Catcher in the Rye,

Human Nature,

Lord of the Flies

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Concept of Sociological Imagination Personal Essay

Each and every human being is influenced and affected by society that they live in. WE do not fully realize the effect the world has on one’s own development until you start looking at your life from a different perspective, analyse it and ask yourself questions you’ve never asked yourself before. A concept by sociologist…

Human Nature,

Sociological Imagination,


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What to write about in essays on human nature? To start your essay you should determine what human nature actually is. Down below you can find a philosopical approach to detrmine what human nature is.

In the history of philosophy, the existence of such a thing as human nature, which distinguishes us from the rest of the animal world, was often implied, and sometimes directly stated. Aristotle believed that the “true purpose” of human beings is to reasonably think, from which he concluded that the highest form of existence available to us is contemplation (that is, philosophizing). Expected for a philosopher.

The Epicureans argued that a central aspect of human nature is that we are happier when we experience pleasure – and especially when we are not in pain.

Thomas Hobbes believed that people needed a strong centralized government to keep them in check because otherwise human nature would lead people to live “lonely, poor, nasty, bestial and short lives.”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau incorporated the idea of ​​human nature into his concept of the “noble savage”.

Confucius and Mencius believed that man by nature is, in fact, good, and Xun Zi believed that he was evil.

Starting with a philosophical approach to human nature may help you write the introduction to essays on human nature.

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