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Philosophy of Religion

Philosophy of religion has grown considerably since the 1970s to become one of the largest fields within the arena of philosophy. Philosophy of religion explores philosophical issues that arise from reflection on the nature and truth of religious belief and the meaning of religious practices. If the field is defined broadly enough, the history of…

Existence of God,


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Whether the Humanities Are in Crisis or Not

In this twenty-first century, we might be familiar with the terms ‘Save the Humanities’ or ‘Restoring the Faith in Humanities.’ Hearing these terms over and over might raise the question: Is Humanities in crisis? Is it a luxury that we might be able to afford or obtain again in the future? Martha Neil Smith discussed…



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Religion on Schleiermacher’s Views

According to Schleiermacher, being is based at absolute world unity, the “whole”, or God. Everything depends on God, but this dependence is expressed in the general connection of nature, and not in revelation or grace since God is not a person. Schleiermacher uses the expressions “God”, “world spirit”, “world whole” as synonyms. God’s activity is…




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Critical Response on ‘Scrap Moral Studies in Favour of Philosophy’

A letter was published in The Star Online News, called, “Scrap moral studies in favour of Philosophy”, written by Arvin Thurairaj. In that letter, Thurairaj argues that there is not a single academic institution in Malaysia offering a philosophy course at the tertiary level. It is a lamentable state of affairs and he would like…



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Ferriols, Lessing and Russell on Philosophy

Human beings are innately inquisitive creatures who are equipped with a powerful intellectual capacity. With this, Ferriols, Lessing and Russell’s made their own strong claims about Philosophy. I shall support their claims as Philosophy is not about finding out the answers to the fundamental questions, it is about the process of trying to find these…



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The Philosophy of Science

Pythagoras invented the word philosophy, which can be described as the research of basic and general issues about life, understanding, values, reason and language. There are different main branches of philosophy namely; logic, metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, and aesthetics. Metaphysics addresses the basic issues of reality. The epistemology deals with our knowledge idea, how we learn…



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An Analysis of the Depiction of Horaces Philosophy of Life in Gather Ye Rosebuds, A Quiet Life, and Rustic Joys

Horace’s philosophy of life, I believe, can be summed up quite effectively by this line on his poem Gather Ye Rosebuds, addressed to Leuconoe: “This day’s thine o Ext nay De denied. Horace IS all about finding fulfilment in life tnrougn enjoyment or “the present nour, and lving a ie Wortn ilving. He nnds no…


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Critical Analysis Related To Transcendentalists Such As Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thoreau, And Fuller

Ralph Waldo Emerson was a true visionary who created a modern moral philosophy from the ground floor. When Emerson said, “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but rising everytime we fall”, we can  better understand his willingness to create something from nothing. We can understand that to rise up we must…

Henry David Thoreau,



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Albert Camus’s Own Struggle With Internal Alienation

The Stranger is a novel written by Albert Camus that tells the story of Monsieur Meursault, a seemingly careless man in the wake of his mother’s death. Told in a first person narrative, readers play witness to the events that lead up to his imprisonment and eventual death. However, as the story continues on, it…

Albert Camus,


The Stranger

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A Story That Shows Human Animality

Apt Pupil is their capacity for evil and the will to do it. Todd Bowden, the eponymous apt pupil is one of the most unlikable characters I have ever seen in a fiction. In him we witness the evolution of psychopath. This is trigged by magazines he found about the holocaust. He will then start…





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Education is a complex process that has been evolving over the centuries to pass the essential survival skills as well as highly specialized knowledge to the next generations, and thus education itself has become a field of study. If you read essays on philosophy of education, you’ll see that it encompasses the study of goals, methods, the meaning of the whole process, and the practices used by educators to increase its efficiency.

Your college teacher has been educated in pedagogy to properly convey the information to you – the student. If you want to write your own philosophy of education essay, you need to dive deep into the history of the subject and see how it has been evolving over time. Teaching is now easy, so the educators need a proper methodology to make that process more effective, and you can check out the philosophy of education essay samples to see how educators have been evolving their approaches over the years.

With that knowledge in mind, you can understand your tutors better and see why they choose certain methods in teaching you and your peers.

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