Effects of Inhumane Activity towards Nature

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Inhumane act around the world is spreading like wild fire, according to research more than 100 animals are killed every year by hunters and habitat loss are increasing due to human activity such as agricultural and industrial development. Some human activities that cause damage (either directly or indirectly) to the environment on a global scale include human reproduction,overconsumption, overexploitation, pollution, and deforestation, to name but a few. Some of the problems, including global warming and biodiversity loss pose an existential risk to human race and to our ecosystem. If these natural habitats and animals are gone extinct the system of the planet will be unbalance.

The Earth has provided us many things that we humans cannot create for ourselves and that is nature. Nature has given us everything we need ever since Adam and Eve’s generation to generation, we benefit on it. On behalf of enjoying the benefits of nature we must take part of the action that it will only last if we take great care of it, unfortunately it is the other way around, we humans are not implying it.

The world presently is confronting natural difficulties: Environmental change, new water consumption, sea over-angling, deforestation, air and water contamination, the struggles to sustain a planet of billions. One perspective on these approaching dangers is that we’ve depleted the planet’s assets. We’ve overshot the planet’s conveying limit. Monetary development – the root issue driving our developing utilization and contamination. Undoubtedly, the worldwide economy may even need to shrink to keep away from complete ecological disaster.

Not only that, this could probably end up in a disastrous drop in humanity’s resources, famine, drought, fighting for survival and more people decreasing in numbers the more worse we mistreat nature and this planet’s worth. Using it as if it’s nothing more than a mere colony we live in, only to throw it all away and progress to move to the next planet, all because we did this. We’ve murdered this place, we’ve fed off the world we call home and now we’re destroying it with our own two hands. Nature is suffering, all organic life is suffering by our own hands and we need to stop these crimes. Do something, anything, because not only are we comitting a crime against our home, we’re sentencing ourselves to death if the time comes and we are punished for what we have done.

We are making mother nature suffer with countless cities under pollution, cutting down trees and making our home cry over what horrid torture we’ve done to it. We are comitting genocide, we are massacring an entire race in a planet, us, we are killing ourselves and who knows what others like our home have. We may be one of a kind and only one of our kind that’s even left in this universe. Forget war, forget that, we need to focus on the world and what we have left and not dwell on such things. We need to make a move and save nature, stop the people who are making nature and us suffer. Stop all the suffering.

It is never too late to make a change if we humans put our hearts into change we can make a difference in order to have change we must first educate ourselves, educating ourselves leads us to awareness to our surroundings second we must practice the three R’s and that means ‘Reduce,Reuse, Recycle’ think about the waste that you have if it doesn’t bring any use throw it properly. We may be the cause, but we can reconcile with mother nature and become the solution to the ongoing chaos we’ve brought upon ourselves and fix it, or at least sustain this land and live longer. We can save what’s left and rebuild society towards a renewed glory and create a better future for ourselves in the present.

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