Role Of Nature In Our Life Personal Essay

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In this article we are discussing how nature plays significant role in our life. How and why it is important after reading this article I feel how much I am connected/disconnected from nature. It also mention how to connect with nature but everyone have own ways to connect you cannot learn how to connect I feel like its inner felling or it comes from your inner body (spirit) like how and when you feel connected to nature. I think nature play important role in our life without nature we are not able to survive in this planet. Like nature provide us water, food, oxygen, light and many more things that we don’t even notice in our daily life because I feel we are not really connected to nature. One more illustration is how humans were changed as time passed like its nature not someone else first humans were caveman/chimpanzee then as time passed and nature performed its part and that’s how human came into existing . As I think nature is also connected with beliefslike river Ganga in India people worship the river as they think its physicalbody of Goddess Ganga. Nature also put great impact on our economy like people came in to feel nature in different places and fruits and other resources like coal, medicine, timber and too many other things that we sell for money. Other than that this article describe how people are disconnected from nature I think people have no time to connect with nature and most of population live in cities surrounded by technology and have no interest to explore nature. Taking real life example rather than going into parks or in forest to feel or to hear nature sounds people setup such kind of environment by using technology to experience natural surroundings around them but that’s not neither healthy for body and mind.

More than body and mind requirement, nature has now became a tourist spot. Like i mentioned above, due to advancements, people have no interest in knowing or feel nature. They rather feel comfortable being potato couch using social media than going outside. I am not just talking about grown – ups here, also including kids. Back in time, kids used to play around and do physical activities. Camping, hiking, kayaking, rafting used to interest kids before, whereas kids nowadays are satisfied watching Netflix and various social media platforms.

It is just not about feeling or enjoying nature, major concern lies in human impacting environment by causing pollution through various human activities. Human is not concerned about impacts they are causing to nature but one day they would be the one facing consequences by their own deeds.

Apart from challenges and consequences, sometimes my curiosity lies in how nature works. The beautiful sunrise and sunset fills me with joy watching vibrant colors. Additionally, how spider nets generates, how a flower bloom so beautifully. Like when we visited Burns bog, I noticed few things, out of which I got attracted towards one flower which seem like “touch me not”, but instead of shrinking on touching , flower showered it’s pigment . It is so fascinating to see things like these which are so natural.

In article ceremony of flow it describes how nature is connected with us emotionally. Like the writer give many examples of his clients that how he recommend his clients to spend time with nature and informed them that nature will heal their problems. My experience on this experiment or finding are so positive i tried on myself as well whenever I feel some kind of tension or if I have any stress I always went out like in park or to beach to spend time alone with nature I mostly prefer to go to some quiet place where you can go and connect with nature I mostly go to Burns Bog for walk sounds of nature like of different sounds of birds make me calm.

Now I will talk in what ways I feel connected and disconnected with nature When we see a large tree, we just see wasted room that could have been effectively used to build a building or house to earn money. But what we don’t see are those parched leaves that will fall in autumn, the fresh air that is making us feel refreshing and the flowers or fruits whose sugared syrupiness makes our life better. So linking to nature for me would be to know, that all nature has created, including us; is there for a reason. And instead of thinking what would could have been, we should think what it is right now and appreciate it.

More than that we drink the same water and inhale the same air as our ancestors like thousand years ago once did the entire mankind owes a favour to bees, butterflies, hummingbirds for pollinating the fruits and vegetables that we consume.

We share Earth with millions of different breeds of plants, animals, and microbes, and this biodiversity provides us with the basic needs for life. The actions of all these organisms together maintain the atmosphere, develop new soils, pollinate our crops, supply us with food, and protect us from disease. Without these natural services, we would never have been able to grow sufficient food, natural fibers for our clothes, lumber for our homes and furniture, or a clean healthy environment.

But if someone still confused whether we are connected or part of nature a very big example is human body or human being itself is made of water 60% of human body is water and water is also nature. Nature provide or make water nobody else so these are the things that i think that how i and all of us are part of nature and connected to nature.
But sometime i do feel disconnected from nature because when we are busy have no extra time to spend with nature like in park or any other place where we feel the natural world because i thought that we are spending most of our time on phones and on other stuff that is not important at all like it is important but connecting with nature is also important as well but after noticing that i started to spare some of my time to spend with nature.


It’s pure, it’s

It’s nature indeed..

From tiny to tall..
It’s one it’s all..
This is how it roll..
The touch we feel..
The thought we breathe..
We sweat, we bleed..
How amazing it is..
It’s nature Indeed..

From first of the ray..
To dusk of the grey..
From single cell to mix breed..
Or when it comes to sprouted seed..
It’s liquor or weed..
It’s nature Indeed..

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