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Effects of GMO’s on the Health of Humans in All Age Groups

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Universal Health Care

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Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms

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GMO: The End of the World Opinion Essay

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Importance of Regulation the Quantitative of GMO in Food

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The Effects of Genetically Modified Foods on Human Body Are Detrimental

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The Truth about GMO

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Genetically Modified Organisms

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GMO Crops Must Be Banned

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Genetic Engineering


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Different Look of GMO

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Analysis of Two Articles about GMO

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The term GMO stands for genetically modified organisms. The DNA of such organisms is not created naturally, but artificially. The technology for creating such DNA is called differently: “modern biotechnology”, “genetic engineering”, “recombinant DNA technology”.

This technology allows the selection and transfer of unique genes from one organism to another, even in unrelated species, increasing their characteristics. Why are genetically modified foods produced is the main question of student’s GMO argumentative essays written by students.

Most often, genetic engineering is used to grow genetically modified plants and food crops. This allows you to significantly increase the yield, taste, resistance of plants to pests, and reduce the need for pesticide treatment. New breeds of animals created with the help of GMOs are distinguished by very rapid growth and productivity.

Products containing GMOs are unconditional, beneficial to both producers and consumers. These products are manufactured at a lower cost while providing the highest nutritional value and longevity. But are these products so safe, or do they still harm our health?

GMOs have been widely cultivated since 1997, and now more than 60 million hectares are grown worldwide. GMOs can be found in a wide variety of foods, but soybeans, corn, rapeseed, and cotton are considered the most massively grown in the world.

GMO foods are divided into 3 types:

  • Foods that contain GM ingredients (such as transgenic corn or soybeans). These ingredients act as additives in food products and serve to sweeten, structure, color;
  • products resulting from the processing of genetically modified material (for example, soy milk, chips, corn flakes);
  • transgenic fruits and vegetables.

Currently, genetic modification of food products on the international market has been risking assessed and is unlikely to pose a serious threat to human health as we often read in GMO argumentative essays and other scientific papers. These products have high requirements for monitoring and security verification.

The safety assessment of genetically modified foods typically examines:

  • direct impact on human health;
  • the occurrence of allergic reactions;
  • stability of the introduced genes.

Although the harm of GMOs has not yet been proven, there are many opinions against the use of GMOs. It is difficult to say how the use of genetically modified (GM) foods will affect human health in the future. The human body is a complex system that requires constant study. And, perhaps, the negative effect on the human body from the use of GMOs has not yet been fully studied by scientists. Many countries in the world do not have laws regulating the production of GMOs. People do not know what products they buy, they do not know what consequences it will have on their health. And so far no one knows how any GMO plant affects the environment.


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