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Self-Renewal and Self-Healing of Nature

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Self-Renewal and Self-Healing of Nature essay
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Nature constantly heals and changes itself; It covers all living and inanimate organisms. This includes plants, organisms, humans, and the ecosystem that contains them all. Environment; is the physical, biological, social, economic and cultural environment in which people and other creatures interact and interact with them throughout their lives. In other words, the environment that exists with the first living creature on earth is the environment or conditions in which an organism exists. When we look at the research done, this is what happens; The human factor in nature ‘s self-renewal is indirect, but it is the human being who directly leaves nature in need of self-renewal. This thesis does not make sense for organisms because many organisms can regenerate themselves by the cells and divisions that it produces. Ecosystem and environment can also heal itself, but when we look at the examples of these heals, we can see the impact of people very quickly. All of the environmental problems that occur with the harmful effects on air, soil and water, which are the basic physical elements of nature, and which negatively affect the vital activities of living things, cause environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is the accumulation created by the loads that are above the nature ‘s self-healing power (carrying capacity) in the environment.

Nature, which has the feature of self-healing under normal conditions, is heavily polluted as a result of various activities in line with the needs of people and cannot remove this contamination that exceeds its own power. When we examine the movements of nature in the pandemic process we are in, we can easily see the fish swimming in the waters of Venice. Although there are many articles proving that the ecosystem is a natural healing drug for humans, the ruling authorities still do not prioritize taking action against more dangerous problems than Covid19, which will happen to humanity. Moreover, many naturalists are trying to give remarkable messages that Covid19 goes, Covid20 comes, if no action is taken. The world population, which is now 7 billion, is estimated to be 9 billion in 50 years, and it is estimated that the nature of the nature, which could not bear this burden of the world and renew itself, will become more difficult. Of course, we should not think of nature only as an ecosystem. There are many living things in nature, such as organisms, plants, cells, and even organs.

And many of them have the ability to heal and repair themselves naturally. With these features, they have pioneered many innovations. This natural heal event is called ‘regeneration ‘, and products or ideas designed by inspiration are called ‘regenerative innovation ‘. Regeneration is the reconstruction of a part that is detached from the living organism or the development of a new individual from that part. In many organisms, regeneration ability is done through reproduction and reproduction. An example of these creatures; starfish. Sea stars have the ability to completely renew the broken arm. In this starfish mechanism, the immune system cells called coelomocytes play an active role in the region where the part breaks. Then progenitor cells of different origin migrate to the injured area. Progenitor cells are similar to stem cells but are capable of limited differentiation and division. Progenitor cells divide there to compensate for cell loss and a new branch of the starfish is formed. In addition, asexual reproduction in the starfish takes place thanks to regeneration; the ruptured piece likewise creates a new starfish.

One of the other important examples of self-healed organisms is aksolotl. Aksolotl was examined by scientists to repair tissue and organ damage. By working on the ability of Aksolotl to completely renew the damaged brain, cut vertebral marrow and heart in 2 months, it will find a solution to tissue disorders such as nervous system, heart disease, reproduction and injury. Maybe it will be a cure for cancer. For example, when the leg of the axolotl is broken, a small bud forms at the organ ‘s site within 1 week. This bud is getting bigger and bigger then fingers are formed within 2 months. At the end of the 2nd month, a completely original leg is formed. This does not exist in any other creature.

By replacing this immunity of Aksolotl, it is expected to increase the repair mechanism of all vital organs such as heart and brain.According to the results obtained from the examples and researches, it is very clear that any organism that renews itself in nature is a source of inspiration for the health sector. Because the ability to renew itself is obtained from the cells of the organism. For example, we can look at another example of zebrafish. This fish has a very high tissue regeneration capacity. When any tissue is damaged, it can replace it with a new one. In doing so, it recreates the necessary tissue using specialized cells called stem cells.

Zebrafish is one of the creatures that can renew all its organs. The most important feature is that it can renew your brain because this feature inspired Alzheimer ‘s treatment. First of all, let me state that alzheimer ‘s is the result of the death of brain cells. Inspired by Alzheimer ‘s treatment, zebrafish can regenerate brain cells. Currently, as a treatment for this disease, a new nerve cell will be made by activating stem cells, as zebrafish does, and a remedy will be found for Alzheimer ‘s by replacing the dead cells in the brain. In fact, Alzheimer ‘s treatment was an example of human design designed inspired by this fish.

With the method found by examining the fish, the development of the human brain can also be modeled. It is caused by the death of nerve cells by accumulating and protecting the protease of Alzheimer ‘s disease called amyloid beta 42. It was found that when the accumulation of amyloid beta in the brain of zebrafish triggers, some of the cells ‘ activity increased and immunity to damage increased and the brain cells renewed. In other words, zebrafish can renew itself thanks to its gene and molecules.

Self-Renewal and Self-Healing of Nature essay

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What is a self-healing mechanism?
A self-healing mechanism is a process by which a system or material can repair or recover from damage or malfunction without external intervention. It is often observed in biological systems and is being developed in various fields of engineering and technology.
What is self-healing made of?
There are many different types of self-healing, but they all share the common goal of helping the individual to heal themselves. The methods used can vary greatly, but they all share the same basic principle of using the individual’s own power to heal themselves.
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