Human Negative Impact on Nature

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The immediate response of a parent when his/her offspring cries is to attend to its needs whether of sustenance or of bodily discomfort. The objects of basic needs are rendered in order to assist the child in its overall development. To be concise, these are what aid us in the nurture of our people and where to retrieve the basic necessity rather than from the very environment that shroud us. From the tiniest speck of pollen to the tallest Amazonian tree, nature itself provides its seemingly immense resources to our tedious and short-spanned life. Although as time passes by, the illusion presented by the deep blue waters and the lush tropical forests begin to show its faults. The glamour from which complacency sprout from reached its threshold. The truth is that the bin from which we consume is not infinite. Nature rather is finite and is facing the threats of deterioration from the very actions and behaviors of mankind, its own supposed stewards.

To utilize the resources available is no sin of humanity. It is only in our nature to harvest the bounty of the environment in order to pave a path for the good of all. To create the possibilities for the survival and luxury of our kin is not an error of morals. Thus development itself is not an erroneous concept but rather as it is presented to us by the fruits of technology, it is empowering and necessary. It is only placed at the south of the moral compass when it is excessive and without a direction nor good intent. The tempting fragrance of wealth from the harvest of development renders greed-driven individuals to resort to abuse that is far too noticeable to be denied. The consequences of humanity’s abuse towards nature materialized in a malevolent form.

The effect manifested in the forms of climate change. The erratic sequence of Earth’s atmospheric temperature and weather immensely altered the routine of our people. The changes in our climate patterns did not only range from excessive droughts and rainfall but also through unprecedented forms of precipitation like hail in countries and areas where it does not occur. Aside from the climate, pollution proved to be an equally alarming presence to the well-being of our population. The prevalence of pollution regardless of its type posed to be a parasite to people’s health. The untamed fauna of wildlife are no exceptions from the horrors we created. The behavior and lifespan of animals from different ecosystems are altered and decreased. The wildlife and nature itself became victims of the complacency we chose to live by not keeping in mind the repercussions of our misdeeds.

Just recently, the world from all corners was greeted with revolting news in regards to the mass burning of the Amazon rainforest. The incident is not a random wildfire. Speculations rose pointing towards members of the government and businessmen. The mourning of the largest rainforest in the world triggered the empathy of common people and for a very good reason.

The so called “lungs of the Earth” is severely damaged and so does the process of regeneration. In Iceland just weeks earlier, the citizens are in grief following the first melting of Icelandic glacier. From here the effects of our negligence and over indulgence finally took its toll. The inhumanity of humans such as overmining, large-scale deforestation, and destructive fishing methods are only some. What is even more alarming is that improper disposal of trash by which the common people see as harmless and inadequate in creating trouble became a massive adversity. Hundreds of sea creatures are reaching premature death from the ingestion of plastics and the such.

The ramifications of humanity’s lack of concern are finally caught up and is tittering towards the state of irreversibility. We can only hope that as society becomes more woke of the situation its environment is facing, the efforts to create counter-measures will not be too late. For if doom arrives in our doorstep even if all cries for a shimmer of hope, no one will attend to us in our hour of need and desperation.

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