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Grammar Translation Method Argumentative Essay

Introduction Grammar translation method derives from the 1980s and early 90s, it became fashionable in some quarters and it was called old-fashioned method of teaching, particularly labelled Grammar Translation. Grammar translation method deals with numerous reasons such as translation itself from one language to another, as well as the main focus of it was to…



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Art of Literary Translation

Every language continues to live thanks to literary works such as poems, stories, novels etc. Literary works of any country inlude its culture, tradition, history and aspects of the society too. When the reader appreciates those works in the specific country, it becomes popular all over the world through readers and it requires to be…



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Challenges in Translation Poems and Songs

An age-old phenomenon, the process of Translation has been traditionally seen as a language-oriented exercise communicating the meaning of a source language text by means of a target language. Apart from rendering information to readers, literary Translation also has aesthetic and cultural functions to serve and adhere to. The Translation process is a complex phenomenon…




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Characteristics of Good Literary Translator Literary Analysis

One of the most important activities is communication, it takes the second rank after the basic needs in humans’ lives. Every community share the same language that gives them a sense of belonging and enables them to communicate with each others. Because of social, economic, and literary developments and because of immigration and wars, translation…



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Types of Translation

Translation is an incredibly broad notion, a very complex process which “de-pends not only on the artistic intuition, but on a controllable analysis, an acquired competence, gained systematically” ,for which at the end to be considered a work of art. The translator plays a significant role in the act of translation. In order to become…



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Audiovisual Translation and Children Literature Translation Argumentative Essay

What is Audiovisual Translation? For defining what is Audiovisual Translation (AVT), scholars proposed a large range of different terms. It is origins are found in Cinematographic translation (Mayoral 2001: 20). However, the Urgent need for translating television, computing, games and many videos has motivated the appearance of the term AVT. Audiovisual translation is a term…



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Transference of the Cultural Aspects in Process of Translation

Abstract Translation is considered to be a good medium to make an inaccessible piece of work accessible in the target language. However, the process of translation requires many more elements to be translated than just the lexical and syntactic items. These elements are specifically available in the Source Language and the translator is expected to…



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Key Features of Post-Colonial Translation

The Translation process involves communicating the meaning of a source language text by means of a target language. Etymologically, the English word translation, is derived from the Latin word ‘translation’, which means “carrying across”. The process of translation between two different written languages incorporates the changing of an original written text (the source text or…



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Ways to Solve a Problem of Idiomatic Translation

Translation is translating words or phrases or sentences from the source language to the target language. It is an irreplaceable life application for people. However, often this work misleads and the reader of the target language gets the incorrect information because sometimes languages are expelled. The problem of non-equivalence in translation is the most difficult…



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Machine Translation

Behind this simple technique, there untruths a complex subjective activity. For instance, to render the meaning of the source text completely, the interpreter must translate and examine every one of the highlights of the content, a procedure which requires top to bottom learning of the sentence structure, semantics, linguistic structure and expressions of the source…



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