Role of Literature in Human Life

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What is Literature? When we heard the word “Literature” the first thing came to our mind is books, poems, novels, stories and other more. Recently, I’ve acknowledged that literature additionally includes songs, speeches, plays and other more in written and spoken forms. I have also acknowledged that matters that are produced out of creative imagination can be referred as literary works which can be those that incorporate literature. It’s common to say that in works of literature we discover a number of the foremost powerful representations of reality our culture should supply. This claim is valuable to the overall humanistic conception of the worth of the literary composition of art: it’s a minimum of part within the business of unveiling to reader’s one thing of consequence regarding the character of their shared world.

The reason why transplantation of truth is the exclusive criterion of the literature of knowledge is because of the mere fact that we human have limited capacity of knowing such things. Through books we gather information we deemed to have interest in. Through learning the things we interested in are now we called a part of our knowledge, these information may or may not be valuable but it is still an information we have known. However, as humans we tend to seek more things we can’t explain. As we evolve we tend to experiment on things to obtain more information as much as possible. Nevertheless, there will always be higher than the truth. The literature of power has something to do with human emotions. Our emotions are powerful than truth that is why it is subordinated by the truth that literature of power carries. The literature of power will make us move. There would be times that a person will be forced to choose one or the other through emotions a person has a decision to make that even the truth cannot withstand. Although, there are powerful representations provided to us, there will be significant number of things that left us asking. Thus, making us want to supply what we discover to our culture.

The world nowadays is dynamic. Never before has life been so chaotic and difficult for all. Existence earlier than literature was realistic and predictable, however cutting-edge, literature has extended into endless libraries and into the minds of the many as the gateway for comprehension and interest of the human thoughts and also the world around them. Literature is very important and is studied upon as it offers the ability to associate human relationships, and define what’s proper and what is wrong.


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