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The Relevance of Greek Mythology in Modern Society

The level of influence of Greek mythology in today’s society is debatable. Whether it is still relevant needs to be questioned. To better understand the level of its influence, we must first become knowledgeable of its origins. The earliest of these myths began as an oral tradition in the Bronze Age and the body of…

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Medusa in Greek Mythology

Medusa was once a beautiful maiden and now a hideous monster. She was the most beautiful mortal girl and after her poor choice of actions she was cursed. Medusa is now a gorgon which is a mythical creature with snakes for hair, a hideous face that causes humans to turn to stone if they look…

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Greek mythology

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Prometheus And Christ

I have heard many Greek myths as bedtime stories and in my elementary school classes, but they were just always fun little stories to me until I took a world history class in seventh grade. After hearing these stories in more depth and learning about the cultures that started them, I wondered what significance they…

Greek mythology

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Ancient Greek Mythology

Culture, can be defined as the social behaviour and norms found within human societies, including the arts and manifestations of human intellect achievement regarded collectively. Ancient Greece was a society that was founded on strong traditions, rituals, arts and beliefs. These foundations came from their absolute belief their religion. These strong beliefs saw their culture…

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Comparison of Roman and Greek Mythology

Despite the fact that Roman and Greek mythology are grouped into the same class, these two are enormously different. The God of conflict, the abundant sum of myths, and the relations between the Greek and Roman gods are just a couple of of the many comparisons between these two. The European had embraced these deities…

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Greek mythology

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God of War in Greek Mythology

Greek Mythology is a set of stories about the gods, goddesses, heroes and, rituals of Ancient Greeks. Let’s explain first the meaning of mythology in which a collection of myths is especially one belonging to a religious or cultural tradition. Myths tell the stories of ancestors and the origin of human and the world, the…

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Greek mythology

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Greek Religion and Mythology

Greek Mythology was extremely influential to the Greeks. They believed that if they prayed and worshiped the gods, their lives would be better and when they died, the gods would take care of them. There were different roles played in Greek Mythology. The major roles played were from the civilians, and the priests or higher…

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Zeus in Greek Mythology

One of the most powerful and worshipped gods of ancient Greek mythology is Zeus. Zeus had many titles and epithets written about him to illustrate his influence over ancient Greece. The ancient Greeks, in honor of Zeus, would build sacred sites such as the oracle sites to commemorate him, as well as, other magnificent temples…

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Greek mythology

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Why are the Greek Gods Not as Divine as Ancient Greeks Thought They Were?

Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Hades, Aphrodite, Athena… what do all of these Greek gods and goddesses have in common? No, the answer is not they are all featured in Disney’s 1997 fantasy film “Hercules.” If you analyze closer, it becomes apparent that they are all flawed in some sort or another. Now, I understand why you…

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Athena: A Hero of Greek Mythology

Athena was one of Greek mythology’s most prestigious names. Not only was she amid the most mighty of the twelve gods of Olympus, but she was also the goddess of arts and crafts, wisdom, law and justice, courage, strategic warfare, civilization, skill, and mathematics (“Athena.” Myths Encyclopedia). Having been born by emerging fully grown and…

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Greek mythology

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