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The Critical Approach Towards The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka Literary Analysis

Pages 7 (1 601 words)

Literature Review

The Metamorphosis

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a novella that is based on the transformation of a salesman, Gregor Samsa, who struggles to live with his new insect body. Gregor Samsa was already struggling in his previous life and had a debt he had to pay off for his father. He worked and provided for his…

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A Psychological Approach to The Metamorphosis by Kafka

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The Metamorphosis

Because The Metamorphosis seems to be a story about how he thinks of himself somewhat as an insect in his own life or world, I chose to read it from the psychological approach. The Metamorphosis begins with Gregor Samsa waking up to discover that he has His first thoughts are that it’s a dream so…

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An Essay to Identify the Elements in Franz Kafka’s Story The Metamorphosis

Pages 3 (644 words)

The Metamorphosis

An Essay to Identify the Elements in Franz Kafka’s Story: The Metamorphosis. The metamorphosis by Franz Kafka is a mysterious narration of the transformation of Gregor Samsa into an enormous insect from his humanly body. Gregor is a travelling salesman who moves around with other colleagues selling their wares to earn the family living. The…

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The Undeserving Death of Gregor Samsa in The Metamorphosis, a Novel by Franz Kafka

Pages 4 (959 words)

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The Metamorphosis

I hate the summer. The heat, the sweat, the smells, and especially the bugs. You know what I’m talking about; you’re sitting around a bonfire with your friends, but you can’t enjoy it because of all the bugs flying around your face, biting at your ankles or crawling down your shirt. It honestly sucks, and…

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Acting Positively or Negatively to Huge Problems in The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka and The Color of Paradise by Majid Majidi

Pages 3 (553 words)

The Metamorphosis

In life, things happen. Sometimes they affect one positively, and other times they impact one negatively. We have all dealt with our fair share of negative impacts, but in the end, positive and negative come together to make us who we are as people. In both The Metamorphosis (1915), and The Color of Paradise (1999),…

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The Multicultural Background of Kafka in The Metamorphosis Summary

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The Metamorphosis

Theme In Literature

Kafka’s multicultural background greatly influenced his writings. A Jewish by birth, Kafka did his education in a German school and died as a citizen of Czechoslovakia. He could fluently speak the Czech, French and Yiddish along with German language in which he wrote. Kafka can, thus, be identified with the international citizenship. Today, he is…

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The Details and Descriptions that Interpret the Setting of Kafka’s Novel “The Metamorphosis”

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The Metamorphosis

In The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka, there are many details and descriptions to interpret the setting of the novel. Certain aspects are included to bring the reader into the story and picture it in their mind. The details are not just small or minute plot points; they are certain descriptions, known as archetypes that stand…

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The Role of Family In The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Pages 3 (625 words)

Importance Of Family Relationships

The Metamorphosis

Theme In Literature

In Metamorphosis, Kafka memorably explores the role of family in the novel by showing betrayal in the family towards Gregor. The theme of duty to family is embedded in the story by showing how Gregor takes care of the family all the time. Gregor is a salesman, one morning he wakes up to find himself…

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The Metamorphosis: Gregor Samsa Personal Essay

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The Metamorphosis

Kafka’s the Metamorphosis is hitherto considered as a story with many insightful implications: the reflection of a parent-child relationship, the world dominated by money, the change (active or passive), or the loss of people among relatives, colleagues … Readers of the novel often fall into feelings of depression, sadness mixing when the story ends, also…

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Franz Kafka: The Metamorphosis Analytical Essay

Pages 12 (2 841 words)

Book Review


The Metamorphosis

Franz Kafka was born on 3rd July 1883 in Prague. His father was an ambitious and bullying shopkeeper and his mother was a wealthy brewer’s daughter. He was their first child and had 3 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers, but two of them died young. Kafka’s sensitive disposition, appearance and literary interests strained his…

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Franz Kafka




Unnamed European city


Country: Austria-Hungary (now the Czech Republic)

Original Language: German

Publication Date: 1915

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