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William Shakespeare’s Hamlet: Why Hamlet Hesitated to Kill Claudius?

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Deciding to take a life is not an easy decision, as seen by Hamlet’s hesitation to avenge his father’s murder in Shakespeare‘s play, Hamlet. For many years, critics have debated the reason as to why Hamlet is reluctant to take action, including Ernest Jones who once said, “Hamlet is struggling with an unresolved Oedipus complex….

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A Coup of Conscience in Hamlet, a Play by William Shakespeare

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One could call the play Hamlet a coup of conscience this means that very few actions are made throughout the play, yet many, many plans are made in the main character, Hamlet‘s, brains After learning that his father was murdered by none other than his uncle, whom married his mother afterjust a few short months…

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Appearance vs. Reality in Hamlet

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The theme of appearance versus reality in Shakespeare’s tragedy Hamlet is one of the most predominant and important themes established at the very beginning of the story and carries throughout the entirety of the play. The truth behind each character is buried deep beneath their innocent appearances, so much that it makes it very difficult…

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To Be or Not to Be: Hamlet Moral Dilemma Analytical Essay

Pages 6 (1 355 words)


In William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet”, Hamlet is the Prince of Denmark and the protagonist of the play. Hamlet is the “embodiment of indecisions and internal moral dilemma”. Although Hamlet is consumed by his father’s death and wants nothing more than to avenge him, his indecisiveness ultimately leads to his demise along with that of other characters…

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Hamlet: Good to Evil

Pages 3 (562 words)


In the opening of Shakespeare’s play “Hamlet”, Prince Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, is seen as a noble and well respected prince amongst citizens. But this changes after a sequence of events occur such as the murder of his father, Queen Gertrude’s quick and suspicious marriage, and hearing about his love Ophelia’s demise. After every act,…

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Adversity In Shakspeare’s Hamlet

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William Shakespeare

Adversity often comes as a surprise to people. It is something that everyone will likely experience which leads one’s personality to develop to go with these circumstances and to rely on their closest relatives and allies. Shakspeare’s Hamlet is a tragedy. Hamlet, when faced with adverse conditions, undergoes emotional and psychological changes, ultimately succumbs to…

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Relationship Between Hamlet and Ophelia Analytical Essay

Pages 5 (1 151 words)


The play, “Hamlet”, written by William Shakespeare, has got to be one of his best plays. Despite the play having a not to complex storyline, there are a few uncertainties within the plot when it comes to different topics. This being said, we are left to wonder the true feelings Prince Hamlet has for Ophelia….

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Hamlet by William Shakespeare Analysis

Pages 4 (999 words)


The drama “Hamlet” written by a great Playwright and actor who is widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s greatest dramatic, William Shakespeare. The setting of the drama starts from the Denmark’s Elsinore Castle. This drama was written around 1600 in the final years of the rule of Queen…

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Hamlet Summary & Response Character Analysis

Pages 2 (427 words)


Theme of revenge was a powerful theme throughout Shakespeare’s Hamlet and most people who seek vengeance hurt themselves as well as, the opposition. Prince Hamlet is in a state of mourning and depressed over the death of his father and the fact that his mother, Queen Gertrude, married his uncle Claudius. That upsets Hamlet because…

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Hamlet Act I Analysis Analytical Essay

Pages 4 (883 words)


Act I. I The scene revolves around the supernatural aspects. The ghost appearing in front of the two skeptic people and vanishing without uttering a single word gives lot of room for speculation and story to build around. The ghost remains mystery as none of the characters in the play knows whether the ghost is…

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William Shakespeare


1599 and 1601


Shakespearean tragedy




Hamlet, Claudius, Gertrude, Polonius


Original Language: English

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