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Irony in W.H. Auden’s ‘The Unknown Citizen’ Analytical Essay

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W.H. Auden’s “The Unknown Citizen”, written in 1940, is a poem that illustrates a man that is seen by the government as a perfect citizen in an unrealistic society. The speaker of the poem is someone that represents the government, who talks about a monument that is erected for a citizen who has passed away….

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Irony Essay Sample

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Irony is found throughout many works of literature. In the Encyclopedia of Rhetoric, Osterreich Peter describes the use of irony, “Irony’s general characteristic is to make something understood by expressing its opposite.” Irony points out the discrepancy between how things appear to someone and the actual reality of a situation. There are several types of…

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Dramatic Irony in Twelfth Nigh Summary

Pages 3 (605 words)


William Shakespeare

One of Shakespeare’s most prevalent literary devices is dramatic irony and it is more than abundant in Twelfth Night. In brief, dramatic irony is when the audience knows something the characters do not. Shakespeare uses dramatic irony to present his views on love and friendship. In this essay, I will create a focal point on…

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Irony in Stephen Crane’s Poem War is Kind Analytical Essay

Pages 4 (848 words)



How is it possible to completely shut out reality through imagination? Well during the romantic period this was the question that lingered in the minds of Realist writers. During this time Realist authors were the individuals who accepted life for what it was and didn’t sugar coat reality. Unlike Romantic writers that were known to…

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The Irony of Benjamin Franklin Character Analysis

Pages 5 (1 223 words)

American Literature


The irony is the use of words to portray something other than and especially the opposite meaning of it. Irony is more than just a way you talk, Irony “can be considered philosophically as a mode of life or a general relation to knowledge and understanding.” (Colebrook) In “The Speech of Polly Baker,” Benjamin Franklin…

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Irony in Kiss and Tell by Alain de Botton Analytical Essay

Pages 3 (582 words)



Most teenagers can agree to not understanding their parents unique form of humor. In this passage from “Kiss and Tell” by Alain de Botton, a comical scene is presented through situation, diction, the use of irony, and through his description of the predictable behavior of Isabel’s parents, defining the relatable embarrassment most children encounter with…

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Irony in Three Short Stories

Pages 3 (691 words)


Short Story

The Necklace

Irony​ is a literary term that is a contrast between what is stated and what is really meant, or between what is expected to happen and what actually does happen. The short stories “The Bet,” “The Necklace,” “Harrison Bergeron,” and ¨The Piece of Yarn¨ all have different examples of irony that drive the plot forward…

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American Irony As A Part of National Identity

Pages 2 (465 words)

American Identity


United States

One idea that the Anderson and Stewart textbook mentions that I found particularly interesting is the irony in the fact that the United States was fighting for freedom, while oppressing it for Africans (Stewart & Anderson, 63). It seems backwards that colonists were escaping unjust practices imposed by England, but enslaving Africans and taking away…

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Irony In Kate Chopin’s ‘The Story of an Hour’ Analytical Essay

Pages 2 (485 words)

American Literature


Short Story

The Story of an Hour

In Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour”, Chopin uses two different forms of irony: situational and dramatic. While both are forms of irony and can be used to create suspense, tension, or maintain an audience’s focus, Chopin expands its uses. Chopin uses situational irony to demonstrate how Mrs. Mallard is happy rather than devastated…

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Dramatic Irony in the Play Oedipus Rex

Pages 3 (618 words)



Oedipus Rex

Dramatic irony is when the audience knows something that the characters don’t. This adds suspense for the audience because they know what is going to happen to the character, but they can’t stop it. Dramatic irony is used in the play Oedipus Rex to give a greater dramatic effect. Specific instances of irony have effects…

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