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How does Alan Bennett Present Attitudes towards Education in ‘The History Boys’ Analytical Essay

Alan Bennett presents two contrasting attitudes towards education through the characters of Hector and Irwin – education needed to pass examinations and to get ahead in life versus education as a means of personal growth and wisdom. From the first page, Bennet sets Hector’s impression of education, where he quotes A.E. Housman: “All knowledge is…




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Analysis of Play “The Curious Savage”

The Curious Savage is a quick-witted and quirky comedy performed at the Southeast Whitfield County High School theater by Dalton State College of Communication and Theatre. It tells the story of an elderly and recently widow Ethel Savage (Adrian Thompson), whose husband left behind a large inheritance of $10 million in bonds. She plans to…




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Play “Barbecue” by Robert O’Hara Summary

The UIC Theatre created enigma, comedy, and passion in the play Barbecue, by Robert O’Hara. It was presented by UIC School of Theatre and directed by Derrick Sanders. A Community Park that shows a lifetime of misery and hurt from a family that wants their sister to get help for her addiction. Shows foreshadowing of…



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Play “The Foreigner” by Larry Shue Summary

On December 7th 2018, I went and saw the play The Foreigner at the State College of Florida Neel Performing Arts Center. The tickets were fifteen dollars each and the play started at 8pm. The play was written by American playwright Larry Shue and is a two-act comedy that has won several awards over its…



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Play “One Flea Spare” by Naomi Wallace Summary

I sat in Miami Dade College campus hall for two hours reading the play One Flea Spare by Naomi Wallace. I haven’t seen or read Naomi’s work before so this would be my first time reading her work. Nothing had prepared me at that moment and I have heard great things about Naomi’s work. The…



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Play “The Country Wife” by William Wycherley Analytical Essay

The Country Wife was written by William Wycherley in 1675. Notably, this is in the middle of the restoration period of English history, which was from 1660 to 1875. The restoration period is named for the restoration of the English monarchy. During this time, the common populous began resisting the ideas of the Puritans, which…



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Bertolt Brecht’s Play “The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui” Summary

Bertolt Brecht wrote the play, The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui. The play is translated by George Tabori, revised by Alistair Beaton, and it was directed by Liam Castellan. I am an audience member which focuses on a general overview of the play. This includes the character analysis/objectives, set-design, and costume. Some of the terms…



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Analysis of the Play “Plot Points in Our sexual Development”

The play Plot Points in Our sexual Development is a play about a queer relationship that address intimacy, sex and communication between Cecily a cisgender lesbian women and her partner Theo, a transgender that does not as identify as a man nor as a women but he is more likely a man who like lesbian…



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Analysis of the Play The Laramie Project

The Laramie Project by Moises Kaufman and the members of the Tectonic Theater company, directed by Jan Hefner was played at Bakersfield Community Theater on 20th October 2018. It is a documentary-styled play that analyzes the death of Matthew Shepard, an openly gay 21-year-old, University of Wyoming student, who was brutally murdered in 1998 in…



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Play “Tartuffe” by Moliere

I personally have taken a keen interest to the play, Tartuffe, written by Moliere in the 17th century. Just hearing the Archbishop of France’s initial reaction to the play, demands a personal investigation. Like myself, the people of France also offered a major interest in the play after 5 years of anticipation anxious to see…



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